Speciality chemical industry

Chemistry laboratories and professionals depend on high-performance, ultra-reliable equipment.

Our capacity to innovate is the result of our continuous improvement policy. We support you by optimizing your production processes day in and day out. We offer mixers that guarantee: customized set up, accurate measurement, optimal mixing operations.


The transformation of material through controlled chemical synthesis is part of the development of many products, from petrochemicals to phytosanitary products, through paints and polymers.

In a globalized context, as professionals of the mixing of chemical components, you must stand out from the crowd through your smart research and development policy. You innovate by designing higher performance components with the objective of offering an end product that is of higher quality than the existing ones.

In your ever-pervasive environmental approach, as speciality chemicals industrialists, you are seeking to decrease, or even remove, the impact of chemical applications on the environment and on health.

To offer eco-designed products, you must optimize your production chain, from raw materials to manufacturing processesEco-efficient technologies that guarantee raw material and energy savings are, for you, solutions for the future.



All our mixers dedicated to the market of speciality chemistry and coating are characterized by smart technical choices. They ensure:

  • High performance agitation
  • Sustained reliability of the equipment
  • Controlled energy consumption 


We design mixers adapted to the mixing processes of each type of rheology:

  • dispersion of fluid products
  • pasting of highly viscous products
  • mixing of thick products

Our equipment allows you work in a controlled atmosphere, in vacuum or under pressure, which guarantees a true versatility of use.


We are at your side all through the product development process, from the formulation test phase with bench agitators to the manufacturing phase with production mixers.

As part of our total quality approach, our teams implement the qualification steps in order to validate the compliance of our equipment to your specifications (QC/FAT/SAT/QI/QO).

As part of a long-term partnership, our practices aim at supporting you in the constant upgrade of your processes and products.

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Mélange industriel pour l'industrie du Healthcare & chemicals

Mixing processes for the chemical industry

The mixing technology from VMI covers the most varied cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications. Our engineers and technicians manage both classic methods that only require simple mixing (lotions, shampoos, drinkable solutions, film coating…) and more complex methods requiring the use of sophisticated fluid mechanics (gel, make-up, ointments, creams…).

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