Turnkey industrial solutions with Shick Esteve and VMI

Continuous mixing

Depending on the type of dough to be made the objectives, constraints, ingredient handling and mixing process can be variable and challenging.

VMI is the only global provider for mixing solutions of continuous mixing with a variation of pressure / vacuum options. The benefits of current CONTINUUM customers is: better elasticity, reduced process time, a more consistent product while offering fewer additives.

To answer the needs of consumers for wide ranges of baked goods – food and bakery manufacturers are increasingly diversifying their production and the need for processing solutions for various food and baked goods.

Fundamentals of kneading

The temperature control – via the circulation of glycol in the double jacket of the bowl – and the energy are essential. The two mixing phases – premixing and kneading – are enabled by the presence of the HPM, pre-mixer with innovative and patented tools, allowing the hydration of the mixture and its homogenization in a very fast time. During kneading, the aeration and the structuring of the dough are allowed by a reduced kneading chamber, thus a faster and efficient energy supply. The addition of pressure or vacuum modulates and better structures the crumb.

VMI continuous mixers

Continuous mixers advantages

Many manufacturers who want to find productivity by limiting manual handling and therefore production downtime, opt for a continuous solution. It has the advantage of an efficient control of the dough temperature whereas a batch production requires more effort. The accuracy of dosing is also an asset to make productivity gains. For example, powders are dosed but liquids that can be maintained at temperature are successfully handled. The liquid feeders can also be cleaned via a mobile CIP (CIP=Cleaning In Place). To limit material losses, VMI offers the option of recovering scrap from the downstream line, weighing, pre-mixing and then conveying to the mixing bowl.

Ingredient automation

Together with its sister company Shick Esteve, a complete ingredient automation provider and also a subsidiary of Linxis Group, VMI is able to offer complete solutions, from storage of ingredients to the preparation of dough. The diversity of managed ingredients such as sugar, flours, yeast, oil and other inclusions makes it possible to handle versatile productions.

Reliable, repeatable process management

As the only global provider focused solely on the food industry, Shick Esteve provides the latest in ingredient automation solutions as well as process design. The company’s expertise includes automation of bulk, minor/micro, liquid ingredients as well as process design. Its industry leading Clarity IIoT platform includes real time monitoring of process parameters delivered in an easy to understand contextual format. Project services include engineering, project management, testing, site services and after sales support.

Discover at IBIE our turnkey solution for continuous and batch processes from ingredient automation to dough mixing and preparation, by the companies of the Linxis Group: Shick Esteve, booth #6569 – VMI, booth #6779. Learn more about Shick Esteve participation here and VMI participation here!