Discover VMI’s mixing solutions at the largest baking trade fair!

VMI, a leader in the design and manufacturing of kneaders and mixers for the bakery and snacking industry, will exhibit its mixing equipment on booths 430 & 530 (hall B2). From bakery machines for traditional bakers, to automated production systems for the agrofood industry, through equipment for smaller plant bakers, VMI offers solutions for each process.

VMI has been supporting bakers and patissiers for over 60 years in the development of their recipes. The brand’s iconic equipment will be exhibited at IBA, such as the PH612 planetary mixer, the ideal partner for biscuits, sponge cakes and Viennese pastry. In commercial kitchens, it helps chefs develop creams and sauces.

Flagship equipment also includes the AF100 fermenter which ensures the homogenization, maturation and conservation of sourdough. With the AF COMPACT 100 EV, bakers are freed from the daily constraints of producing sourdough and can focus on making old tradition breads and customizing production.Genius Kneader

A new range of spiral mixers will be presented at IBA: GENIUS kneaders, designed to improve bakers’ work conditions, whether in traditional bakeries, on lines or in-store bakeries. Ease of use has been optimized down the smallest details: transparent cover with a door to protect bakers from flour dust, water supply to simplify steeping, reduction of retention areas for easier cleaning, a pedal to move the kneader… The second forte of the GENIUS is to ensure a more homogeneous mix more quickly with a better quality of kneading. For all types of doughs, from the most resistant to the most hydrated.

When daily productions increase, whether in bakery chains or the catering industry, the capacity and design of the equipment must be adapted. VMI will exhibit a new version of the popular SPI AV kneader. This removable bowl, spiral mixer offers a high level of performance with production between 80 kg and 300 kg of dough per bowl, a robust design and a powerful motor to guarantee consistent production. Its wide range of tools allows for all types of recipes: ciabatta bread, cookies, doughnuts, cheesecakes, Viennese pastry, naan bread and food made from vegetal proteins…

VMI also proposes mixing solutions for snacking and agrofood plants, on display on booth 530. The KNEADSTER kneader, whose shape and position of the tools in the bowl have been engineered by VMIs R&D Centre  to reduce dough heating and obtain a more consistent pre-mixing, allows to mix up to 700 kg of dough in one production run. The ULTIMIX planetary mixer dedicated to snacking, pastry and biscuit products, also on display on the booth,  guarantees the repeatability and upscaling of production runs, regardless of size of the batch or recipe. The ULTIMIX allows for vacuum or pressure operation, dosage and the introduction of components, heating/cooling, draining under pressure and Cleaning In Place. The ULTIMIX supports the development of plant bakers’ activities and fits perfectly into automated production systems.

Visitors will be able to discover on the booth anautomated production system with spiral mixers, suspended shuttle and resting bowls. These plant facilities, which can produce up to 7 tonnes of dough per hour, have been developed by our design offices and our production workshops, with the objective of meeting our customers’ requirements in terms of repeatability, efficiency and cost optimization. Whether the production process is simple or complex: fermenting, autolysis, degassing, development and integration of sourdough, proportioning of ingredients, introduction of scrap dough… VMI is in a position to develop turnkey facilities, based on the customers’ manufacturing requirements or constraints.

To discover the most complex mixing systems and better understand the extent of the mixing capabilities, VMI will offer on its booth an immersive experience to visitors: a virtual reality area will enable you to project yourself and move closer to an automated plant, at the core of an industrial production unit.

Découvrez la gamme VMI et testez la réalité virtuelle à IBA