A new dimension for kneading and mixing with the Digy control interface, nominated at the Europain New Product Award

To improve the control of its machines while simplifying them, VMI is launching a new touch control interface called Digy, for its kneaders and mixers in the VMI artisan bakery range, gradually equipped in 2020.

José Cheio de Oliviera Responsable R&D VMI

“We finally have the answer to the need of the bakers-pastry makers-managers, who, in addition to an easy and repeatable control of the machine, need to produce a highly personalized dough or mixture of equal quality,” explains José Cheio de Oliveira, VMI’s R&D manager. With Digy, the many features of VMI kneaders, mixers and fermenters are within reach of users!

A new intuitive touch control panel

The Digy interface has been designed specifically for the needs of bakers and pastry chefs and their environment. The screen and its facade ensure shock resistance and waterproofing against moisture and flour dust (international electro technical standard IP65).

This new touch control panel allows you to control and monitor all the steps of dough production: recipe programming, execution, monitoring… Digy becomes instantly familiar thanks to an intuitive, refined design, with the look and feel of everyday connected objects. Users can customize their access to the features on the home page, according to usage.

Claire Auffredou responsable marketing VMI

“Without prior training, bakery operators will be able to find their way around and use the kneader thanks to a universal graphic language, simplifying reading and allowing the same recipe to be reproduced identically,” says Claire Auffrédou, VMI’s Marketing Manager.

GENIUS EV spiral mixer & sourdough machine AF Compact: the first machines to be equipped

The GENIUS EV with Digy touchscreen

For the GENIUS, Digy offers, with great ease of use, the two modes of operation of the kneader: manual or automatic. The home screen keeps the principle of 2 timers, for 2 speeds of kneading which can be run in sequence at the operator’s choice. Immediately, the operator visualizes in real time the parameters of the current mix:

  • Pre-mixing time;
  • Kneading time;
  • Elapsed time;
  • Time remaining;
  • Speed of the tool and the bowl; and
  • Dough temperature.

With the automatic mode, bakers can save up to 10 personalized recipes. The sequence of phases (up to 30 phases) will then be done automatically when the recipe is launched. Three levels of access to the control interface are available. Bakers thus ensure the repeatability and consistency of productions.

Lauréat Prix Nouveautés Europain 2020

The GENIUS EV mixer with Digy control touchscreen is participating at the Europain New Product Award competition.

AF Compact fermenter with Digy touchscreen

The AF Compact 100 EV fermenter and its Digy interface facilitate cycle programming and management. Artisan bakers can customize and save 3 sourdough recipes by setting, for each of the 4 phases (mixing, fermenting, maturation, preservation), the duration, the rotation speed of the tool and the bowl and the desired temperature. The HMI sends live the name of the recipe, the working time remaining on the current phase, the temperature of the dough and the time at which the sourdough maturation will be completed.

In addition, Digy assists bakers in the development of their sourdough recipe. A tool calculates the quantity of ingredients needed to produce, based on the quantity of sourdough required. The new generation of AF 100 fermenters facilitates the management and consistency of liquid sourdough.

In the near future, Digy displays will be installed on all kneaders and mixers in the VMI artisan bakery range, thus improving bakers’ working comfort. Come and test the Digy interface at the Europain trade fair, from 11 to 14 January 2020 in Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, on VMI’s booth No. 1R68.