VMI latest innovations in mixing technologies at the trade show EUROPAIN

The leading trade fair for bakery and pastry professionals in France is back, in the heart of Paris, at Portes de Versailles! From 11 to 14 January 2020, Europain will bring together more than 450 major players in the sector and will be the meeting place for the best pastry and baking chefs in the world,for the Bakery World Cup and the European Cup.

VMI, the only French manufacturer of kneading and mixing equipment, will exhibit at Europain, booth 1R68. The latest innovations of the brand will be presented at Europain. Here is a sneak preview!

Kneaders to simplify recipe diversification

GENIUS spiral kneaders

The latest addition to the VMI kneader range, the GENIUS spiral kneader is highly praised by bakers for its high quality mixing and ease of use. New in 2020: the GENIUS mixer has its electromechanical dashboard replaced by a digital touch screen named Digy. The interface has been designed specifically for VMI equipment for artisans,  and will soon be available throughout the VMI range. The interface is intuitive and easy to use thanks to a graphical environment reminiscent of consumer touch devices. Designed for the bakery environment, the HMI is dust and water splash resistant. The programming, execution and regularity of the recipes are easily achieved.

The mixer GENIUS EV with the control panel Digy is participating at the Europain’s New Product Award competition.

Pétrin à spirale GENIUS

The ergonomics of the GENIUS kneader has been designed down to the last detail:

  • Transparent cover with a door to protect bakers from flour dust
  • Water supply to simplify flushing
  • Reduction of retention areas for easier cleaning
  • Travel pedal…

From the most hydrated to the most resistant dough (60 to 160 kg of dough), the double transmission linked to the rotation of the tool ensures ultra-reliability in the artisan bread-making processes. In the “EV” version, the GENIUS is equipped with the double variation of tool and bowl speeds. Recipes can be programmed directly via the dashboard and then executed automatically.

Multiple tools mixer SPI 63 RM Snacking

Pétrin SPI 63 RM Snacking

To meet the growing demand for diversification of recipes in bakeries and pastry shops, VMI now offers a versatile mixer: SPI 63 RM Snacking (Capacity of 40 kg of dough). It is equipped with an automatic lifting head, unique on the market, facilitating the emptying of the bowl and cleaning. Its digital dashboard is easy to get familiar with, with 2 speeds and a mixing time programming system. Equipped with 3 easily interchangeable tools (spiral, whisk and blade) and a scraper, SPI 63 RM Snacking allows bakers to develop their snacking and pastry offer with a single mixer.

Equipment for transfer and depositing

To continue to support artisans in the growing snacking market, VMI offers Unifiller branded depositors and transfer pumps. Unifiller, a subsidiary of Linxis Group to which VMI belongs, is a Canadian-based company and a leading manufacturer of equipment for the transfer, depositing and filling of pastry and catering products. The Multistation depositor will be demonstrated on booth 1R68, accompanied by the Hopper Topper transfer pump. The set allows you to precisely deposit and present creams, pastes, fillings with pieces and liquid mixes.

Machines de dosage et transfert Unifiller

Consistency of Mixes Made Easier with the New Generation of Phebus Mixers

Batteur PH XV

Iconic equipment of the VMI brand, the Phebus PH x12 XV mixers have evolved to facilitate the consistency and variety of mixes. The programming of recipes (up to 20 recipes of 20 phases each) and the possibility of adding a scraper after the purchase of the machine completes the functionalities of this range, available from 20 to 80 litres.

The PH 412 XV mixer and the SPI 53 S mixer will equip the open bakeries of the Bakery World Cup. Live demonstrations not to be missed at Europain!

Technology at the Service of the Bakery Tradition: Fermenter AF 100

Another flagship equipment is the AF100 auto-fermenter, which ensures the homogenization, maturation and preservation of sourdough. With the AF COMPACT 100 EV, bakers are freed from the daily constraints of producing sourdough, and can focus on making old tradition breads and customizing production. Like the GENIUS mixer, the fermenter is now equipped with a touch-screen HMI, simplifying programming and cycle management. From an intuitive interface reminiscent of the graphical environment of the connected objects, artisans can record up to 3 recipes by setting, for each phase, (mixing, fermenting, maturation, preservation) duration, speed of rotation and temperature desired. The HMI sends live the name of the recipe, the working time remaining on the current phase, the temperature of the dough and the time at which the sourdough maturation will be completed.

The new generation of AF 100 fermenters offers artisans easy recipe customization capabilities and a consistent liquid sourdough.

Autofermenteur VMI AF Compact 100 EV

For Larger Scale Production…

Ultimix planetary mixer

When daily productions increase, whether in bakery chains or the catering industry, the capacity and design of the equipment must be adapted. VMI will exhibit on its booth the ULTIMIX planetary mixer, which guarantees the repeatability and extrapolation of baking and biscuit production runs, regardless of the size of the batch and the recipe. The Ultimix is suitable for overrun, emulsion, creaming, crumbling and whipping operations, for mixes ranging from 140 litres to 630 litres. This planetary mixer can be perfectly integrated into production systems that integrate vacuum or pressure processes, heating/cooling or in-place cleaning, for example.

The famous, ultra-versatile, SPI AV kneader will also be on display at the booth. This spiral mixer with removable bowl allows production of 80 to 300 kg of dough per bowl. With its wide range of tools, all types of recipes are possible: ciabatta bread, cookies, doughnuts, cheesecakes, Viennese pastry, naan bread and food made from vegetal proteins.

In addition to kneading equipment, VMI designs ancillary systems that increase the flexibility and integration of mixing solutions into production lines.  Visitors will be able to discover on the booth a set with bowl elevator, pre-cutting hopper and conveyor belt. A Shick Esteve ingredient dosing system will complete this package. Shick Esteve, another subsidiary of the Linxis industrial group, designs and manufactures ingredient automation solutions (for liquids, powders or solids). The collaboration between VMI and Shick Esteve allows us to design turnkey, comprehensive solutions for the bakery, pastry and snacking industries.

2020, a Symbolic Year for VMI!

Since 1960, VMI has been the historical supplier to artisan bakers. On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, VMI is launching a series of commercial operations which will continue throughout 2020. To learn more, come and discover the current commercial operation at Europain, booth 1R68 from 11 to 14 January 2020 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles (France).