IBIE 2019: a dedicated booth to mixing solutions for artisan & retail bakery

VMI had been the legacy partner of artisan bakers for over 60 years.  On booth #2605, VMI will exhibit at IBIE (September, 8-11) its kneaders and planetary mixers for retail and independent bakers.

The perfect planetary mixer for the production of the most diverse preparations

Batteur PH XV

The brand’s iconic equipment will be exhibited at IBIE, such as the PHx12 XV planetary mixer, the ideal partner to make biscuits, sponge cakes and Viennese pastry. It is also used in catering and in the food industry, allowing chefs to develop creams, sauces and ready-made dishes. In 2019, VMI planetary mixers have been upgraded to improve consistency and variety in the mixes. The programming of recipes (up to 20 recipes of 20 phases each) and the option to add a scraper after the purchase of the machine complete the features of the range, whose capacity goes from 20 to 80 litres.

A sourdough machine, serving the baking tradition

Flagship equipment also includes the AF100 fermenter which ensures the homogenization, maturation and conservation of sourdough. With the AF COMPACT 100 EV, bakers are freed from the daily constraints of producing sourdough, and can focus on making old tradition breads and customizing production.

Confection de pains au levain avec le fermenteur AF Compact VMI

GENIUS kneader: the baker’s new best partner

The GENIUS spiral mixer, the latest in the VMI range of kneaders, was designed to make the lives of artisan bakers easier, to allow for the diversity of recipes, while increasing productivity. Ease of use has been optimized down the smallest details: transparent cover with a door to protect bakers from flour dust, water supply to simplify flushing, reduction of retention areas for easier cleaning, pedal to move the kneader… The second forte of the GENIUS is to ensure a more homogeneous mix more quickly with a better quality of kneading. For all types of doughs, from the most resistant to the most hydrated. As it features a digital dashboard and dual tool-bowl speed variation, the GENIUS EV allows bakers to customize and record up to 10 recipes (of 30 phases each).

Watch the GENIUS demonstration video

Find all VMI mixing equipment for artisan and retail bakery at IBIE, booth #2605. For intensive production, VMI will present its automated solutions booth #6779. Find more information about this second booth by clicking here.