New touch interface for the VMI fermenter

Following the introduction of the Genius Digy mixer, VMI is launching its fermenter equipped with the Digy touch control interface. The AF Compact 100 EV has evolved into the AF 100 Digy!
Thanks to this new digital dashboard, VMI is reinforcing its commitment to simplify the daily life of bakers. The VMI fermenter, known for its strength and user-friendly design, now has a completely redesigned, intuitive touch control panel. It can produce up to 80 kg of leaven dough.

A new digital and intuitive control panel

The Digy interface has been designed to simplify the handling of the bakery equipment by the artisan bakers and their team, while respecting their working environment. The Digy screen and its frame are designed according to the International Electro-technical Standard IP65, to ensure shock resistance and waterproofing against moisture and flour dust.

AF 100 Digy

Give a unique signature, taste and appearance to your bakery products! Changing settings, such as quantity of sourdough, cycles duration and heating temperature, is easy with the new Digy touch interface. The intuitive and simple design of the Digy interface uses universal graphic language code for an immediate processing. In addition, different user levels are available to customize access to features, according to your needs.

The AF 100 Digy fermenter: the baker’s signature

New features for the fermenter

The Digy dashboard simplifies the use of the fermenter, its programming and management cycles. In addition to memorizing mixing times, this new feature allows you to record up to 3 sourdough recipes, each composed of 4 configurable phases (mixing, fermentation, maturation, preservation). For each of these recipes, the Digy touch interface displays the data for the user:

  • Current phase number
  • Name of the current phase
  • Remaining time (mm:ss)
  • Tool speed (rpm)
  • Temperature (°C ou °F)

The AF 100 Digy and its digital control panel allows the baker to record sourdough recipes. This feature is ideal to ensure repetability and regularity of production, which will help maintain the taste and, therefore, the artisan’s signature within the recipes.

«For the precision work required by top-of-the-range products made with sourdough, the VMI fermenter was the obvious choice. Whether based on white or grey organic flour, all my products are made with sourdough. Therefore, I needed a machine that could perform with accuracy and repeatedly, my carefully designed recipes. This fermenter accompanies our approach which consists in targeting excellence, for example by monitoring all parameters connected to the quality of the dough, while being in a position to have fresh strain of sourdough readily available. Authenticity and quality of taste and nutrition of our products are obtained through demanding processes and the modernity of our equipment.»  Testimonial Boulangerie Pain d’Antan

New Digy interface for the Genius kneader

After a preview presentation at the Europain exhibition in January 2020, VMI officially launches the GENIUS spiral mixer, equipped with the new Digy touch control interface.
With these new features, VMI wishes to support bakers in a gradual return to normal for all their activities, by offering a robust and versatile mixer that is user-friendly and easy to operate.

José Cheio de Oliviera Responsable R&D VMI

“We finally have the answer to the need of the bakers-pastry makers-managers, who, in addition to an easy and repeatable control of the machine, need to produce a highly personalized dough or mixture of equal quality,” explains José Cheio de Oliveira, VMI’s R&D manager. With Digy, the many features of VMI kneaders, mixers and fermenters are within reach of users!

A new intuitive touch control panel

The Digy interface has been designed specifically for the needs of bakers and pastry chefs and their environment. The screen and its facade ensure shock resistance and waterproofing against moisture and flour dust (international electro technical standard IP65).

This new touch control panel allows you to control and monitor all the steps of dough production: recipe programming, execution, monitoring… Digy becomes instantly familiar thanks to an intuitive, refined design, with the look and feel of everyday connected objects. Users can customize their access to the features on the home page, according to usage.

GENIUS Spiral kneading machine: the bakers’ and pastry cooks’ ally

GENIUS EV with Digy touchscreen

For the GENIUS, Digy offers, with great ease of use, the two modes of operation of the kneader: manual or automatic. The home screen keeps the principle of 2 timers, for 2 speeds of kneading which can be run in sequence at the operator’s choice. Immediately, the operator visualizes in real time the parameters of the current mix:

  • Pre-mixing time;
  • Kneading time;
  • Elapsed time;
  • Time remaining;
  • Speed of the tool and the bowl; and
  • Dough temperature.

With the automatic mode, bakers can save up to 100 personalized recipes. The sequence of phases (up to 30 phases) will then be done automatically when the recipe is launched. Three levels of access to the control interface are available. Bakers thus ensure the repeatability and consistency of productions.

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