Line Audit and Expert Assessment to Improve Your Productivity

Our technicians, who are specialized in auditing industrial production lines for bakery products (continuous mixers, automated batch mixing systems), work with your teams and on your equipment. Our experts analyse how your equipment operates and how it is used, according to your productivity constraints.

Capitalizing knowledge and know-how for over 30 years

Machine expertise

Year after year, the size of our installed base has enabled us to consolidate the uses, on-site operations, bill of material and technical documentation of the equipment we design and assemble for the bakery, pastry and food industries. Our range of equipment is constantly evolving and improvements are driven by constant collaboration between our Customer, Quality, Engineering and Production departments. Our management software ensures the follow-up and structuring of our database, including the history of spare parts or components, the installed or consumed power, etc. The maintenance ranges (maintenance frequency, preventive operations, adjustments, parts supply) allow us to provide a reference to the users of our equipment on the use and maintenance of their equipment.

pétrin continu Verymix


Thanks to the diversity of the industries we serve, we have mastered a wide range of processes, implemented through our mixing technologies. Our technicians are experts in a large variety of mixing processes and have a perfect knowledge of the characteristics of the each one. Their recommendations will allow you to optimize your manufacturing processes, according to your needs and objectives.

How is the line audit and expert assessment organized?


One of our experts in line auditing will receive your request and be assigned as your personal contact. A exploratory meeting will allow us to understand your issues and your expectations:

  • Objectives to be reached, identification of needs
  • State of your current operation and limits encountered
  • Fault record/maintenance plan over the last 2 years
  • Desired completion time
  • Expected deliverables

We prepare and validate with you a methodology and a schedule for on-site operations, according to the availability of your teams and your production requirements. The operation can thus be carried out on the line or stopped.

On-site Operation

Our experts observe and analyse the operation and overall use of your equipment. A complete check of the machine is conducted: maintenance points, analysis of the kneading process parameters, operators in situation.


Upon arrival on site, our experts will go over your needs and the operation schedule, taking into account the health & safety requirements to be observed on site.


Our experts analyse your entire production line, from the ingredient dosing system to the dough outlet conveyors. A complete check of the machine is carried out (mechanical, electrical, PLC), both in operation and possibly when stopped.


The service provided by our experts goes beyond the intrinsic study of the equipment. They observe the kneading parameters, take dough samples – upon authorization – for a visual/texture analysis and exchange on the uses with the operators and the maintenance team. The assessment also consists of analysing the history of faults, maintenance records and measuring gaps from VMI recommendations.

Intervention automaticien VMI

Conclusion and Deliverables

During the conclusion, our experts share the elements observed and the corrections made. An expert report is then sent to you, detailing:

  • The elements of the equipment studied: mechanical and electrical condition, production, supervision, safety, etc.;
  • The irregularities observed, points of concern;
  • The origin of the problem;
  • The typology of the impact of the error (production quality, production downtime, productivity, health, safety);
  • Consequences of the error; and
  • The recommendations to be implemented (explanation, duration, conditions of intervention, prioritization, need for training).

At the end of the audit, our experts can assist you in the implementation of the recommended solutions, whether it be technical assistance, equipment upgrades, or maintenance support, etc.