Maintenance operations to optimize and extend the life of your equipment

Anticipation is essential to extend the operability of your equipment. In order to optimize the operating times of your facilities, while gaining added reliability by preventing downtime, VMI supports you in the delivery of your maintenance operations.

Preventive maintenance

With our preventive maintenance services, we take care of the regular maintenance of your equipment:

  • Observations and analyses in order to detect and correct problems prior to a breakdown;
  • Implementation of a maintenance programme adapted to your equipment and your constraints: list of spare parts, periodicity, criticality of operations, etc;
  • Replacement of wear parts;
  • Repairs;
  • Software updates; and
  • On-site operation reports.

Maintenance contract

Our expert technicians will work with you to draw up a maintenance contract in order to work efficiently, avoiding production downtime as much as possible. The three-year commitment of the maintenance contract ensures that you secure the maintenance budget and gives the team more peace of mind:

Maintenance contract advantages

After an audit and a complete analysis of the operation of your equipment, its failure modes, their effects and their criticality, our teams work with you to draw up your maintenance program: frequency and type of interventions, list of spare parts, etc.

Our technicians carry out all the preventive maintenance actions on your equipment on the mechanical, automation, IT and electrical aspects of the machines.

Our on-site operations teams travel to your manufacturing facilities to repair or upgrade your equipment. We are committed to guaranteed response time, thus limiting the time your equipment is down.