Process Optimizing and Support

VMI assists its customers in the Food and Health sectors in the development of custom-made mixing solutions and in the optimizing of their manufacturing processes. This process assistance service can be provided:

  • in our Process Development Center: 700 sq m dedicated to R & D, consisting of a test laboratory for bakery-pastry-snacking products, a test laboratory for pharmacy-cosmetics-chemicals and an analysis room.
  • Or on-site; our experts will come directly to your production site.

Process Optimizing in Our Process Development Center

Process Development Center VMI

VMI hosts you in its Process Development Center and delivers testing and expertise services for the development and qualification of products and equipment. Our laboratories are equipped with a large range of equipment, which enables us to develop products by testing and validating the manufacturing process.

The Process Development Center covers a wide range of skills. VMI technologists’ mission is to assist you in optimizing your processes and the quality of your production, from the definition of the recipe/formulation to the finished product.

Examples of objectives for a process optimization service:

Food picto
  • Optimizing and controlling the kneading time
  • Testing and validating the mixing technology
  • Modifying your recipes for Clean Label productions
  • Controlling dosing and the introduction of raw materials
healthcare picto
  • Formulation scale-up
  • Determining the mixing tool adapted to the operation
  • Qualifying and introducing raw materials
  • Optimizing the production time, clean bowl to clean bowl
  • Improving cleaning and sterilization in place (duration, consumption, etc.)

Depending on your needs and the objectives determined in the preparation phase, our technologists will have calibrated the duration and resources to be allocated for the tests. Raw materials can be supplied by VMI. Depending on the finished product you want to produce, our technologists will select beforehand the most suitable laboratory equipment to conduct the tests.

Our experts conduct the tests with your team. They explain and analyse the production phases. The tests are conducted in agile mode, which means that they evolve depending on the results obtained.

The tools available in our analysis room allow us to characterize samples of the production: measurement of texture, density, viscosity, porosity etc. The data is recorded on a special software and sent to you.

According to the deliverables defined in the early stages, our experts share with you the elements observed and analysed. Then, they send you our recommendations to meet your initial objectives.

On-site Process Assistance

A R&D reference contact carries out a remote or in-situ inventory of your current operation (equipment and processes) to assess the limits encountered and the objectives you wish to achieve. Tests on your site are then scheduled, considering your production schedules and your needs in terms of ingredients and materials.

The intervention on your site takes place in two stages:

  • Process Audit: first, our experts record the parameters of the mixture and, if necessary, the complete process. They observe the origin of the ingredients and the use of the equipment. They will also evaluate the mixture and the product at the end of the line.
  • Trials: our experts conduct the tests, as planned during the preparation phase. These tests enable the qualification of the product and the implementation of corrective measures. Tests are conducted in agile mode, with progressive adjustments for minimal intervention on the cycle during production.

Our experts then share the elements that have been observed, the possible corrective actions immediately taken and the process recommendations, according to the deliverables defined at the start of the project. Three months after the on-site operations, our experts will come back to you to assess the implementation of the corrective measures.