Retrofit: Expert Advice for Greater Efficiency

The constant evolution in techniques and technologies accelerates the obsolescence of industrial machine components. VMI offers you compliance and retrofit services to modernize certain parts or add new features to your machine so that you can stay at the cutting edge of technology while keeping your more dated equipment.

VMI’s retrofit service allows you to optimize the performance of your equipment, making it more reliable and reducing maintenance costs.

Making your equipment more flexible and longer lasting

To meet the challenges of your production, VMI offers a wide range of custom modifications to upgrade your equipment. Do you want to extend the life of your machines, increase the level of automation of your installation, add new features or improve the control and supervision of your operations? VMI’s solutions are here to improve the productivity of your equipment, extend its lifespan and prevent component obsolescence. The addition of new features is possible in all areas:

  • Mechanics
  • Electronics
  • Automation and software
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics

Retrofit is not only an alternative solution to the heavy investment needed to replace a machine, it has many more benefits:

Automated mixing system with fermentation
  • Reducing maintenance costs;
  • Limiting production downtime;
  • Securing process continuity;
  • Gaining flexibility and productivity;
  • Upgrading your installations to reach the level of the current safety standards; or
  • Improving working comfort for team members…

Retrofit step by step: a solution that is simple and easy to implement

To implement retrofitting, a diagnosis is performed by our team. According to your production constraints, our experts study and offer controlled solutions, that are quick and easy to implement.

The on-site operation for the installation and start-up of the retrofit is scheduled with you, so that the immobilization of the equipment has as little impact as possible. Onboarding of new features is easy thanks to the support – or even training, depending on the type of retrofitting – provided by our teams.

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