VMI, training organisation

To meet the challenges of the industry and the evolution of your business, VMI offers a range of training courses for all levels and professions related to mixing processes and equipment.

A wide range of training courses

Our training catalogue covers all our areas of expertise.  Custom-made training courses are also developed based on your needs, and delivered by our 8 trainers who are experts in process engineering, and mixing and kneading equipment & processes, and have a thorough knowledge of your businesses.

They create classroom and practical workshops, and deliver sessions in our training and testing centre, the Process Development Center in Montaigu (France), or on your own production sites.

For whom?

Our training modules are designed for laboratory or production operators, line operators, R&D managers, maintenance technicians and managers, and industrial site managers. However they can also be delivered to any employee in your company, for whom the acquisition of skills in mixing process and equipment operability will be useful and relevant.

As a guarantee of our ability to provide quality training, VMI is referenced on Datadock (The French database for quality vocational training).

Our training offer covers 3 areas of expertise:

  • Assistance in the development of finished products;
  • Processes and technologies; and
  • Equipment maintenance.
Diversity of the VMI training courses