The LINXIS Group has federated companies, which are premium suppliers of equipment and processes for baked goods, food Industry and healthcare industries.

Fields of activity

Formerly Groupe Breteche, LINXIS Group was created in 1988 and has federated leading companies which were renowned in their fields. At the heart of innovative technology, its three areas of competence are:

  • The baked goods
  • The food Industry
  • The pharmaceuticals / cosmetics / chemicals industries

The companies in the Group design, manufacture and install processes and equipment with a high level of expertise.

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Linxis Group activities


Global presence

The companies in the Group are located in France, Germany, the United States and Canada. Through the strong exporting activity of its subsidiaries and their representation networks, the LINXIS Group boasts a genuine presence throughout the world. Each company can send its qualified personnel and equipment to its customers sites.

Linxis Group companies

Linxis Group companies around the world


Innovation & Performance

The LINXIS Group’s industrial project and growth rely on:

  • innovation
  • commitment
  • customer satisfaction.

The group endeavours to meet the challenges of companies in the health and agro-food areas.

Commitment of the industrial group

Excellence and performance

The employees in the LINXIS Group shared the ambition of the Group striving for excellence and performance, to be the leaders in each of their respective business lines. The values of commitment in operational excellence, passion and professionalism, respect and trust are embodied in the daily actions of the LINXIS Group to fulfil its ambition.

Synergy and innovation

The vision of the LINXIS Group consists in developing synergy between its subsidiaries which drive value for them they customers. To help its customers take up the challenges of their markets, the group has committed to offering elaborate and innovative solutions, keeping within time and cost limits. Its missions are conducted in compliance with:

  • quality standards,
  • environmental protection standards,
  • safety & security

Towards pooling expertise and know-how

Belonging to the group has allowed its subsidiaries to consolidate their positions, secure their customers, suppliers and financers. The LINXIS Group’s mission is to pool of the expertise and know-how of its member companies. It proposes a global turn Key offer with high added value that is adapted to the specific markets of each of its customers. This offer is expected to become stronger with the acquisition of new subsidiaries. Today, the group’s new organization has been optimized to sustain external growth operations.

International development

The LINXIS Group is present throughout the world and its offers are tailor-made for its customers.

In 30 years, the group has extended its experience in international development to define the best strategies of expansion and support its subsidiaries in their development in new and geographical areas.

Mobility between Group subsidiaries and internationally is encouraged. Dedicated training programmes are delivered to employees who wish to develop in their companies or within the Group.