VMI North America Corp.

VMI North America is dedicated to the marketing of its innovative kneading and mixing solutions for the bakery industry.

Mixing solutions for North America

VMI’s US-based subsidiary offers a wide range of versatile equipment for retail, wholesale and industrial size producers in the baking industry.

With Terry Bartsch as its CEO, VMI North America Corp. is a fully owned subsidiary of VMI and operates out of Kansas City (Missouri). “The launch of VMI North America will develop better working relationships with customers in this region,” Mr. Bartsch said. “In addition to providing service in similar time zones as our customers, we will also maintain a local stock of critical spare parts and local service assistance.”

The solutions developed by VMI offer a wide range of technologies to meet the varied requirements of the bakery industry: horizontal and vertical mixers, planetary mixing, vacuum and/or continuous mixing, automated systems for sponge and dough production, and dough processing equipment.

Some of VMImixing equipment

Local service assistance and support

VMI North America Corp. supports its customers once the kneading or mixing equipment has been installed. The After-sale services provide responsive and efficient solutions if a problem has been identified and analysed. VMI North America and its network of agents store and supply the spare parts required to maintain its customers’ equipment.

For any technical Assistance or to order, call our telephone support on +1 (816) 708-0654.

VMI support in North America

VMI North America Corp. carries the know-how of a trustworthy European manufacturing company and a brand name recognized on the American market for its ground-breaking technology in the field of mixing. 



VMI brand offers bread-making professionals a wide range of mixing technologies to meet the varied requirements of the bakery industry: horizontal vacuum mixers, vertical mixers, planetary mixers, continuous mixing, vacuum continuous mixing and automated robotized bowl systems.

Sponge and dough production, or other automated processes: for each type of product, we offer a solution suited to the rheology of your dough.

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Trade shows are the perfect time to meet our team and discover VMI’s latest innovation.

  • Baking Tech in Chicago the 2018, March 25-27
  • IBA in Munich, the 2018, September 15-20

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“This removal is part of an ambitious company-wide project initiated in 2015,” said Dominique Denoël, chief executive officer of VMI. “Over the last two years, this project was conducted at an exceptional pace, since the building phase per se only lasted eight months. Opening a new plant marks a major, symbolic step in our development process.”

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New premises with VMI team


NEWS: VMI subsidiary for North America

“VMI, a designer and manufacturer of mixing systems for the baking and snack industries, announced the opening of its North American subsidiary, VMI America, L.L.C. The new entity will house a satellite office in Kansas City, near partner company Shick Esteve.”

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4346 Clary Blvd Terry Bartsch, CEO of VMI North America
Kansas City, MO 64130

Terry Bartsch
+1 (816) 708-0654