Our Customer Service team is at your disposal by phone from 8:00 AM to  6:00 PM (UTC+2) and can communicate with you in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

  • Reseller or VMI representative: +33 (0)2 51 45 35 76 //
  • Plant bakery industry: +33 (0)2 51 45 35 48 //
  • Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals or coating industry: +33 (0)2 51 45 91 87 //
  • Or for any questions, contact +33 (0)2 51 45 35 35 //

Technical Assistance

VMI supports you in reducing your downtime and optimizing your manufacturing processes. Wherever you are in the world, you can benefit from our technical assistance.


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Assistance technique

Maintenance operations to optimize and extend the life of your equipment

Anticipation is essential to extend the operability of your equipment. In order to optimize the operating times of your facilities, while gaining added reliability by preventing downtime, VMI supports you in the delivery of your maintenance operations.


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Service de maintenance préventive

Retrofit: Expert Advice for Greater Efficiency

The constant evolution in techniques and technologies accelerates the obsolescence of industrial machine components. VMI offers you compliance and retrofit services to modernize certain parts or add new features to your machine so that you can stay at the cutting edge of technology while keeping your more dated equipment.

VMI’s retrofit service allows you to optimize the performance of your equipment, making it more reliable and reducing maintenance costs.


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Prestation de rétrofit sur les installations VMI existantes

Line Audit and Expert Assessment to Improve Your Productivity

Our technicians, who are specialized in auditing industrial production lines for bakery products (continuous mixers, automated batch mixing systems), work with your teams and on your equipment. Our experts analyse how your equipment operates and how it is used, according to your productivity constraints.


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Expertise et audit de ligne

Process Optimizing and Support

VMI assists its customers in the Food and Health sectors in the development of custom-made mixing solutions and in the optimizing of their manufacturing processes.


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Optimisation et assistance process

VMI, training organisation

To meet the challenges of the industry and the evolution of your business, VMI offers a range of training courses for all levels and professions related to mixing processes and equipment.


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VMI, organisme de formation

Service Level Agreement

To ensure serenity and security (budget, schedule, resources, etc.), VMI is setting up a Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Contract Commitment – to define the types of services and the level of service expected.

Based on your needs, our Service Level Agreement is a commitment to you for the duration of the contract:

  • A commitment to the availability of parts in our stock at VMI;
  • A commitment to our response times to your technical questions;
  • A commitment to being responsive if you need on-site operations or parts in a critical situation; and
  • Priority in the processing of all your requests and shipping of your parts.