VMI’s commitment

A competitive spirit to better meet your needs. For VMI, competition is based on the permanent search for innovations, the reliability of our developments, and the evolution of our resources’ skills and expertise.

Sustainable development at the core of VMI’s commitment

We are part of a continuous improvement process in order to ensure the best quality of service and to guarantee your satisfaction and loyalty: we have been ISO 9001 certified since 1998.

Our project consists of taking a long-term view of our activities and investing in responsible research and development. We are committed to our customers to carry out their projects and to accompany them in their development. Our suppliers and partners are closely associated with this logic of competitiveness and sustainable development.

VMI, a reference fully integrated in industrial ecosystems

Since our foundation, we have been aiming at building and deepening the knowledge of the mixing science and its dissemination, and we wish to share our progress approach.

Thus, we are proactive within entities committed to sustainable and economic development of industrial SMEs. We have many partners sharing our commitment for an industrial leadership that would be responsible and creator of growth, including EKIP, LEMPA, Cosmetic Valley, ADEPA, BEMA, ASB, ONIRIS, Vendée International or Business France.

Our in-house commitment

Our commitment is also on improving our practices with our employees and partners. Our management system, in which our staff plays a key role, heads toward the fulfilment of both internal and external customer’s expectations.

The continuous improvement of processes, methods and organization contributes to the reduction of quality incidents, and helps improving the reactivity of our after-sale teams whenever an on-site operation is necessary.

Maintenance équipement VMI

Societal and environmental responsibility

The environment and safety are at the core of our approach of continuous improvement. We are committed to:

  • sustainable development,
  • eco-design, and
  • eco-innovation.

We are implementing a policy based on the respect for the environment in our production units.

Our commitments include, for example:

  • the reduction of waste,
  • lower energy consumption,
  • the replacement of hazardous products,
  • the prevention of risks related to health and safety on the workplace, or
  • environmentally friendly design and manufacturing processes.

We adequately communicate to our staff, customers, suppliers and partners regarding our Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility.

We have been ISO 14001 certified since 2015.