Our Corporate Social Responsibility 

Our CSR policy for sustainable commitment and performance 

Through its CSR policy, VMI contributes towards a positive economy by sustainably developing its activities, from the most local to the most global ones. This contribution also includes innovative marketing, sustainable technological solutions and management of their impact.   

Client satisfaction is at the heart of our organization. 

Our long-term vision for our activities encourages us to invest in sustainable research and development. We guarantee all our clients that we will properly execute their projects and support their development. Our partner suppliers are closely involved in our sustainable development approach. 

We are also continuing our overall policy for quality improvement, sustainable development, well-being at work and territorial anchoring, in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, as well as with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact.  

This CSR commitment is focused on 4 main areas:  

  • A Governance and Ethics commitment 
  • A Societal commitment 
  • A Social commitment 
  • An Environmental commitment 

VMI has joined the association Planet’RSE to improve its performance in terms of corporate responsibility. In this respect, VMI performed an audit of its CSR action in order to assess the maturity of its policy and set out areas for improvement. In 2021, for its first audit, VMI received the very encouraging score of 569 out of 1000 which matches a confirmed CSR policy

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Governance and Ethics 

Beyond any regulations, VMI commits to perform its activities in a clean manner and with integrity. 

Transparent and responsible governance, in close relation with the LINXIS Group, is applied to all the company’s business lines and looks at risk management for each of these lines. 

In 2021, VMI implemented a Responsible Supplier Charter, to step up requirements and develop a strong joint commitment with its partners towards ethics, compliance with the law and the fight against corruption.  

Our Corporate Commitments 

VMI has set up a collaboration with local companies, contributes towards innovation and encourages professional integration. 

Through its local and national partnerships, VMI aims to create employment in the industrial sector. 

This policy demonstrates the company’s desire to develop French know-how as well as that of the territory in which it operates: the Pays de la Loire region. 

VMI is a member of the French Fab, a label that focuses on promoting the French industry 

VMI has received Origine France Garantie certification (AFNOR Cert. 79866) for its range of machines for artisanal baking (spiral kneaders, 10/80l beaters, fermenters). 

VMI serves manufacturers in the baking and agri-food industries, as well as the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and specialty chemical industries. For this reason, the company is actively involved in associations and unions that represent these sectors: 

• EKIP : A Professional Union for French baking & pastry equipment suppliers, of which Dominique Denoël, VMI’s CEO, is Chair. 

• COSMETIC VALLEY : Association uniting key players from the French cosmetic sector. VMI is a member of its Board of Directors. 

The VMI corporate commitments pave the way to support and promote the know-how and excellence of the baking, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Our human capital 

Our priority is to prevent risks and protect our employees’ health. 
The company actively works to improve the safety of its staff based in Montaigu-Vendée, as well as of its visitors. 

Through various agreements, VMI has committed to providing necessary conditions to ensure its staff’s well-being at work. 

Our support to staff members is materialized, in particular, by our implementation of Employment and Skill Management since 2008. Each employee benefits from the monitoring of their skills and a personalized training plan. 
VMI offers all employees a safe work environment, based on open and constructive social dialogue. 

In 2021, we want to do more in this area and collaborate with specialized organizations to roll out the TOPS project, thereby improving communication and risk management within our teams. 

In order to ensure better working conditions to its staff, VMI moved its premises to another site a couple of years ago. 

Our Environmental Responsibility 

VMI is actively involved in environmental protection. 

The company ensures the proper management of its waste. 

 It intends to become more involved by developing environmental awareness among each of its staff members. 

As one of its actions, VMI is following the Diag Eco-Flux program, a 12-month personalized support program provided by Bpifrance and ADEME. This project offers a diagnostic and, with its results, the opportunity to set out an action plan in order to optimize costs and make lasting savings by reducing energy losses, materials, waste and water consumption. 

The company contributes towards reducing harmful emissions by implementing internal processes and new ways of using its equipment that have a smaller impact on the environment. 

As part of its eco-design strategy, VMI has three specific goals: 

  • Optimizing energy consumption 
  • Better cleanability of machines combined with improved technologies and processes 
  • Better monitoring of equipments’ water and electricity consumption  

In 2015, VMI obtained ISO 14001 certification which, along with the ISO 9001 certification that it received in 1998, demonstrates its desire to reduce its environmental footprint and commit to sustainable development.