Cosmetics Industry

We offer a full range of mixing solutions for the cosmetics industry: emulsifiers, mixers, homogenizers and production platforms.


Cosmetics are an integral part of everybody’s daily life to provide hygiene, pleasure and well-being.

Several elements influence the manufacturing of these products:

  • Consumers are more and more informed and demand optimum quality and advanced control of the composition of cosmetics.
  • Research and development of new formulae to offer slimming, anti-ageing or vitality products that are more and more efficient.
  • An environmental protection context that imposes more environmentally friendly formulae: components of vegetal origin, low-environment impact packaging…

New cosmetic formulae require meticulous, lengthy development for cosmetics companies. This is how you give birth to tomorrow’s innovation.

Our mixing technologies

Our mixing technologies cover the most varied cosmetics applications: soap, gel, make-up, creams, shampoo, nail polish, … Our solutions apply both to classic processes that only require simple agitation and more complex ones combining several mechanical and physical effects.


A permanent innovation process

Our Research & Development (R&D) Department sees to the integration of the latest scientific and technical evolutions to your mixing solutions. We strive to offer you the perfect homogeneity of the mix.  Laboratories require equipment that has been designed to master each step in the research and development process. To this end, we offer a wide range of high-performance bench mixers and agitators.

Large-scale production

Pilot mixers reproduce production conditions within cosmetics labs to guarantee controlled extrapolation to industrial scale.

Our production platforms can be implemented as stand-alone machines or integrated in your existing facilities.

The manufacturing of our mixing equipment meets the cosmetics industry’s constraints: P&ID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram), Location, choice of components, Functional Analysis, Qualification: QI/QO tests, PLC software, FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), SAT (Site Acceptance Test) …

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Mélange industriel pour l'industrie du Healthcare & chemicals

Mixing processes for the cosmetics industry

The mixing technology from VMI covers the most varied cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications. Our engineers and technicians manage both classic methods that only require simple mixing (lotions, shampoos, drinkable solutions, film coating…) and more complex methods requiring the use of sophisticated fluid mechanics (gel, make-up, ointments, creams…).

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