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Anticipation is essential to extending the lifespan of your equipment. That’s why VMI customer service is available to support you no matter your needs, whether you need to implement new processes, optimize the operating times of your facility, or improve your equipment’s reliability. 

We provide multi-year preventive maintenance and technical coachingcontracts that give you the option of coming back to us for equipment maintenance and upgrades. It’s our hope that these contracts give you peace of mind post-purchase, knowing you won’t have to break your budget for any maintenance needs. Our support services can be tailored to your unique needs to help you avoid production downtimes and optimize your equipment’s lifespan.

Contrats de service VMI, maintenance et coaching technique

Preventive Maintenance

To ensure equipment durability and optimization, we provide our customers with multi-year maintenance support. Our technicians learn about your needs and constraints, then create for you a plan for preventive maintenance. The plan will take into consideration your need for spare parts, the periodicity, the technicality of your operations, and any schedule or production constraints you may have, and its actions will be carried out efficiently to reduce equipment downtime.

Our preventive maintenance services takes care of the regular maintenance needs of your equipment, including:

  • Observations and assessments to detect and correct problems before a machine breakdown
  • Implementation of a maintenance program adapted to your equipment and your constraints: list of spare parts, periodicity, how critical your operations are, etc.
  • Replacement of worn parts
  • Repairs
  • Software updates
  • On-site operation reports

A detailed report will be sent to you after any mechanical, electrical, automation, or computer fixes.

Technical Coaching

Your annual or multi-year contract includes a fixed number of hours of intervention. This part of the contract means that our technicians schedule regular on-site interventions to visit you at your facility to look at any equipment problems you might have. These interventions will be fine tuned to your unique needs to best help you find the right solution.

Our technicians will coach you on best practices to limit any production interruptions to help you get optimal operation of VMI production lines. The service contract covers two areas:

  • On the machines, through preventive care and regular updates.
  • On your production environment, through information and training for equipment operators, the maintenance team, and the cleaning teams.

Our technical coaching services come at an hourly rate to allow you great scheduling flexibility. They can be adapted to your needs, depending if you want process advice, training, or maintenance help.

During a technical coaching intervention, our technicians can:

  • Carry out a focused check-up in the form of a machine-use assessment, followed by operating and maintenance advice if necessary. 
  • Train your operators on target issues to help them better control their process. 
  • Provide optimization assistance for the realization of recipes that may cause problems. 
  • Train your maintenance personnel in the use of the machine and its settings. 
  • Train your cleaning staff in machine maintenance procedures. 
  • Evaluate existing parameters to optimize its operation. 
  • Replace worn parts that may prevent the optimal running of the equipment.

Throughout the duration of your contract, we conduct these interventions at your production site. The interventions are purely tailored to your unique environment and problems to ensure your production lines are performing at their best and that your teams are supported.

Les services VMI pour l'usage et l'évolution de vos installations de mélange
Our international customer service team is available to advise you and meet your needs for spare parts, troubleshooting, maintenance, and much more. Our staff is multilingual and will assist you according to your industry. Together, we can find the optimal solution to any concerns or needs you may have.
services pour la maintenance, la formation
Anticipation is vital to extend the lifespan of your equipment. To optimize the operating times of your installation, VMI is here to support you in the execution of your operations. We offer a wide range of annual preventive maintenance and technical coaching contracts to optimize the use and maintenance of your equipment.
Support client VMI dépannage et réparation
We understand your equipment installations may undergo numerous changes during their lifespan, so VMI’s customer service offers you long-term benefits. With our expertise, we will advise you on ways to improve your facility, whether you need to upgrade your teams’ knowledge, modify your equipment, or analyze your processes.
Service d'optimisation et assistance process de mélange
VMI assists its customers in the food and healthcare industries by developing customized mixing solutions that optimize your manufacturing processes. Our technologists encourage you to visit our Process Development Center to test your product on our equipment or to simply examine our product offerings. Our technologists are also able to assist you at your production site.
Services pour l'évolution de vos installations de mélange

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