Pharmaceutical industry

Our processes have been carefully developed by our teams to guarantee that the finished product is of high quality, consistent and compliant with the requirements of the Pharmaceutical Industry Our agitators, mixers and homogenizers are recognized as high performance production equipment.

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The pharmaceutical industry is where the phases of research and development are the longest and the costliest. Pharmaceutical companies may take several years synthesizing the molecule targeted.

Thanks to breakthroughs in medicine, development time for prescription drugs has been considerably reduced. Manufacturing equipment must guarantee the accurate extrapolation of experimental trials to industrial production scale.

From these long-term investments stems a series of patents to protect pharmaceutical innovation.

The laboratory and production equipment must be instrumental in managing pharmaceutical products’ traceability, quality and  regulations.

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Our mixing technologies cover the most varied pharmaceutical applications. Our solutions apply to both classic (simple agitation) and more complex processes.

We offer equipment suited to your Research & Development: bench mixers, vacuum mixers, pilot homogenizers. Results can be extrapolated into production in a simple and reliable manner.

Large-scale production

We design vacuum homogenizers of various capacities. And for larger-scale production runs, we have been developing personalized, stand-alone or integrated production platforms,  whose configuration adapts to the location and productivity constraints of your existing facilities.

Compliance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry

Our mixing equipment comply with the constraints, specifications and standards of the pharmaceutical industry: P&ID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram), Location, choice of components, functional analysis, Qualification: QI/QO tests, PLC software, FAT (Factory Acceptance Test),

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Pharmaceutical mixing processes

The mixing technology from VMI covers the most varied cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications. Our engineers and technicians manage both classic methods that only require simple mixing (lotions, shampoos, drinkable solutions, film coating…) and more complex methods requiring the use of sophisticated fluid mechanics (gel, make-up, ointments, creams…).

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