VMI obtains the ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE (guaranteed of French origin) label

Machines VMI labellisées Origine France Garantie

VMI has seen its ranges dedicated to traditional bakery awarded this certification delivered by AFNOR,  for mixers BV12/ BV22/PHx12, fermenters and spiral mixers SPI53/63.

VMI is among the few bakery equipment manufacturers who have obtained this label, after PANEM. ‘All our machines are assembled on our single production site of Saint-Hilaire-de-Loulay (France). This is to add value to the production of our equipment in France, that we have decided to label our ranges of machines for traditional bakery, explained Dominique Denoël, VMI’s director.’


As a renowned, leading brand in baking, VMI has seen in this first step the labelling of the best-selling products among French artisan bakers. Origine France Garantie represents an asset for the development of the brand’s business, both in France and internationally. ‘Our customers want to use quality equipment, manufactured to standards and respectful of their environment. This also provides transparency to users located further away, who do not necessarily know all the criteria to make the right decision, commented Marie Bednarek, VMI’s QSE manager.’

WHAT ARE THE REQUIReMENTS to obtain the label?

To obtain this label, the product must meet two essential criteria. The first criterion concerns the location where the product takes its main specifications. France must be, for a large part, the country of design, assembly, manufacturing and final assembly of the product labelled. The second criterion has to do with the value of the product. At least 50% of the added value must come from France. This includes taking into consideration the cost of parts, labour, indirect cost of the production site, R&D costs and depreciation of the equipment used, allocated to the product.