Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries

The mixing technology from VMI covers the most varied cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications. Our engineers and technicians manage both classic methods that only require simple mixing (lotions, shampoos, drinkable solutions, film coating…) and more complex methods requiring the use of sophisticated fluid mechanics (gel, make-up, ointments, creams…).

The Optimal Answer to Products of High Viscosity and Complex Rheology

Our solutions allow to manufacture preparations with complex rheology that can go beyond flowability. Rendering, dispersions, emulsions, incorporations of solids in a single mix without any transfer or intermediary phase are now possible.

The aim is not only to mix several ingredients, but also to texture the final product (alignment of fibres). To do so, the lengthening, shearing, recombining cycle needs to be repeated in order to obtain the desired quality of mixing.

3 Complementary Agitations: Versatility and Efficiency

Central Agitation for the Flow

Central agitation creates an axial flow inside the bowl that is sufficient to obtain perfect homogeneity.

With a high flow rate without any shearing effect, it allows the mixing of fragile products such as mother-of-pearl.

Peripheral Agitation to Guarantee  Homogenization and Heat Transfer

Peripheral agitation facilitates the raising of products and improves the homogenization inside the bowl, especially in the case of shear-softening products.

Heat transfer in the bowl wall is facilitated thanks to a high peripheral speed. The peripheral agitation allows to introduce active ingredients at the end of production, and especially products with high viscosity.

Bowl-Bottom Agitation for Dispersion or Emulsion

Bowl-bottom agitation helps get fine emulsions thanks to a sufficient input of energy in the system to reduce the size of drops.

Important shearing rates, combined with a good lengthening of drops allow to obtain particles that can be smaller than one micron. The serrated rotor design allows to reduce the emulsion time since particles pass more frequently through the air gap.

Introduction of Raw Materials Under Vacuum in the Emulsifier

Introduction of raw materials under vaccum in the emulsifier

Many processes to manufacture cosmetics, pharmaceutical or chemical products involve the dispersion of solid materials in the form of powders during liquid or pasty phases.

The most common tool to ensure those emulsions is the simple or double-cage rotor stator. VMI has developed a major innovation allowing the introduction under vacuum of powders directly in the core of the emulsifier. Thus, the dispersions and emulsions are of much higher quality.


Quality Management

  • Immediate dispersion of powders as soon as they are introduced without any risk of agglomeration
  • Reduced risk of passing through the liquid phase
  • Accelerated introduction flow of powders
  • Improved capacity of production

Ease of Cleaning

  • Absence of recirculation piping
  • Absence of retention zones
  • Limitation of product projections to the top of the bowl

Hot / Cold Process

  • System to make an emulsion of a cold phase into a hot phase

Our mixing solutions

Cosmetics industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Speciality chemicals industry

Complementary Functions for Added Efficiency and Productivity

The 3 types of agitation offered by VMI give users great flexibility and take into account the future evolution of manufacturing toward more complex products.

Each mixing and equipment from VMI is compatible with the rheology of the raw material to be mixed.