Upgradability & Versatility

VMI’s offer in terms of mixing equipment is probably the most comprehensive on the market today. It is the result of over 60 years of experience and many developments were conducted in partnership with key players in the baking and health industries, with the objective of improving the quality of production, while improving efficiency.

Equipment That Adapts to the Requirements of the Industries

VMI’s offer of equipment is made up of mixing solutions that include a number of innovative features. This innovation has made possible to develop upgradable equipment.

To meet your customer’s requirements, your business has evolved: production volumes and throughput, characteristics of the finished products, production constraints, need to diversify… This is why VMI integrates from the design of its solution, the required scaleability to support your productivity year after year.

VMI’s engineers and technicians come into play early on in your project in order to assess and upgrade your production capacities. Our kneading and mixing systems adapt to the configuration of your workshops and production labs, as well as to the evolution in your manufacturing processes.


Upgradable automated mixing system for bakery industry

Versatile Equipment

Nowadays, plant bakers need to master recipes that are increasingly complex and diverse. To provide a simple and high-performance answer to all requests and market evolution, VMI has developed equipment that adapts to the families of recipes, batch size and volume, and to the varying rheology of the raw materials to be mixed.

For the Bakery and Snacking Industry

In the bakery and pastry industry, our equipment allows you to make pizza, Viennese pastry, bread, baguettes, ciabatta, donuts, for production volumes ranging from 500 kg to 8 tonnes an hour, with the possibility to automatically run the most complex recipes in sequence. Autolysis, fermenting, resting, folding, introduction of scrap dough… The sky is the limit.

The repeatability of your most diverse manufacturing processes is secured by the perfect mastering of your production parameters.


For the Health and Speciality Chemistry Industries

VMI’s mixing technologies cover the most varied cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical applications. The performance of VMI’s agitation system with 3 complementary movements (lien page procédés de mélange) provides optimum versatility in production: creams, mascara, ointment, gel, oil and varnish, paint, glue, ceramics, bitumen… The configuration of the equipment allows to produce effective volumes between 5,000 and 20,000 litres  with possibilities to lift tools, empty bowls and transfer products automatically or dose ingredients.