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To meet the requirements of a demanding sector such as industrial bakery and pastry, we have been designing large capacity kneaders and planetary mixers as well as automated kneading systems.

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The development of restaurant and catering services and the popularity of snacking among consumers  has encouraged industrial bakers to offer product concepts that are more and more innovative and original.

The taste and nutritional qualities of products still remain criteria of choice for consumers.

Today, as plant bakery and pastry professionals, you need to master recipes that are more and more elaborate and varied. The quality of the dough must be consistent in order to repeat a recipe identically on a large scale.

At the same time, as plant bakers, you seek to optimize production costs. The mixing equipment must make the operators’ tasks easier during production and during intermediate phases of startup and maintenance.


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Our legacy know-how in the field of mixing guarantees that we will provide a solution suited to each of your industrial production issues. We combine optimum productivity and compliance with the fundamentals of kneading.

High production capacity kneaders
We offer bread-making professionals a wide range of kneaders allowing for the production of up of 8 tonnes of dough per hour.

Analysis of the behaviour of mixes for adapted solutions
White bread, sandwich bread, traditional bread, Viennese pastry, brioche or cookies: for each type of product, we offer a solution suited to the rheology of your dough; i.e. the study of the distortion and flowing of material under the effect of constraints.

Customized setup: optimize your production
The customizable setup of automated kneading systems integrates dosing, kneading, dough transfer and rest stations to obtain maximum productivity in compliance with your production process.

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Pâte sortant du pétrin continuum

Mixing processes for Baking - Pastry - Viennese pastry

The first phase of the bread production process is the kneading. The rheological characteristics of the dough, obtained during this phase, determine the structure of the crumb in terms of shape and dimensions of gas bubbles in the dough.

The objective of kneading is mixing water, flour and other ingredients by providing a certain amount of energy. During this step, a portion of the amount of water binds to flour starch and its proteins. The remaining quantity of water is used to dissolve other ingredients such as salt and sugar.

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