Bench mixers

VMI offers laboratories bench mixers suitable for their research and development work: tests on bench formulation and pilot extrapolations. Combined with a wide range of turbines and propellers adapted to the desired processes, these devices are designed to reconcile maximal ergonomics for the operator, a very high level of safety and impeccable quality of mixtures.

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TURBOTEST® is the bench mixer par excellence. It is present in half of French laboratories. It is the essential tool for any bench testing, formulation, quality test, new product development, and new process improvement. It has no equivalent for the extrapolation tasks from the laboratory to industrial manufacturing and enables the validation of the turbine types and speed ranges depending on the rheology of the product being processed.

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SUPERTEST is a laboratory mixer offering the flexibility and necessary power for the agitation of the most complex products. AIR SUPERTEST is compatible with the ATEX regulation (explosive atmosphere hazards).

The R51 planetary mixer is perfect for the mixing of high viscosity products (resins, ceramics, concrete, cement…). With a capacity of 5 litres, the R51 is specially adapted to standardized tests according to stantard EN 196-1 made with a paddle made from stainless steel 304L. Other tests may also be conducted with tools of the spiral or hook types. The R51 SV version allows for conducting vacuum tests.

Extract for some of our bench mixers:

  • Volume of beakers: from 200 ml to 20 litres
  • Patented preset clamping of beakers
  • Mixing speed from 50 to 3,300 rpm
  • Versatility of applications: propellers, turbines and rotor/stator emulsifiers
  • CE safety compliant



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