Pilot Vacuum Homogenizer

The pilot vacuum homogenizer authorizes mixtures in the laboratory under conditions of production, including in a controlled atmosphere, and thus brings pilot type results that can be directly extrapolated to higher scales.

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The TRILAB pilot homogenizer, adapted to be extrapolated on industrial installations, offers three independent and complementary mixing movements:

  • One slow peripheral agitation that can run in both directions for peripheral and bowl bottom scraping
  • One main axial agitation
  • One bowl bottom emulsifier-homogenizer

It can be equipped with an optional built-in melter.

The TRILAB emulsifier allows for liquid, viscous or thick mixtures to obtain emulsions, homogenizing and/or thermal treatments (meaning cooling or heating) without having to transfer the product into a provisional bowl. TRILAB is equipped with a control system that allows the operator to monitor the process phases with a perfect reproducibility from one cycle to another, in compliance with BPF/GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Extract for some of our pilot vacuum homogenizer:

  • Bowl capacity from 5 to 50 litres
  • Floating chassis adapted to the laboratory environment
  • Stainless steel double wall bowl
  • Vacuum: -0.96 relative bar
  • Pressure: 0.5 relative bar
  • Temperature: 100°C standard
  • Lifting cover with a total access to the tools
  • Touch-sensitive control station
  • Integrated vacuum and heating unit



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