Planetary mixers

The planetary mixers from VMI are perfectly suited for the mixing of highly viscous or thick products requiring high proportions of powders or mineral fillers. By allowing for operations in a controlled atmosphere, under vacuum or pressure, along with heating/cooling and cleaning in place, the range of planetary mixers from VMI offers a great versatility and a very high level of performance.

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The VMI bitumen mixers are perfectly suited to the development of homogeneous samples of hydrocarbon products in the laboratory. Their tool is an Archimedes’s screw made of specially treated steel to resist abrasion. They are equipped with an adjustable and removable scraper.

The column mixers allow, through their 3 to 5-speed satellite movement, for the homogeneous mixture of powders as well as the pasting of highly viscous products. They are supplied with 3 standard tools such as: paddle, whisk and hook which allow for a great versatility in the development of products. Their removable bowl allows for easy emptying.

Most recent creation in the range of mixers from VMI, the ULTIMIX is based on Research & Development work aiming at understanding and managing the planetary movement. The modelling of this phenomenon allowed to improve the various parameters, guaranteeing accurate and efficient mixing: tool/satellite ratio, size and shape of the tool, trajectory in the bowl, mechanical design, power consumption. Design and materials were chosen for minimum footprint and easier cleaning.

Extract for some of our planetary mixers:

  • Bowl capacity from 5 to 300 litres
  • Stainless steel frame, bowl and tools
  • Electronic variation of continuous speed
  • Bowl scraper
  • Heating double wall bowl
  • ADF version
  • Bowl tipping hoist
  • All stainless steel version available


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