Customer Services and Support

VMI commits to offering you solutions designed to fit your requirements. For each project, a team is dedicated to supporting you to: understand the specifications, the design, production, and the commissioning of the equipment supplied.

Customized VMI solutions

All along the manufacturing process, thanks to the perfect knowledge of your processes, a single point of contact at VMI translates your requirements to the technical teams.

Our design office’s 40 engineers provide concrete solutions as part of a structured quality approach that complies with an ISO 9001 procedure.

A Comprehensive Management of your Project

Understanding your Requirements

Our sales teams are your first contacts. Their objective is to support you in a proactive manner to adapt our solutions to your specific needs, and recommend the right equipment. They define and optimize the parameters and the challenges of the implementation of the process targeted. To this end, our teams take in your expectations, your budget and your production constraints: footprint, integration into existing facilities, human resources…

One of our account managers will be dedicated to the organization, planning and supervision of your project. He will ensure that the objectives of the specifications are met, whether in terms of time scale, technical specificities or budget.

bureau d'études mécaniques

A Trial Centre at Your Disposal

VMI is equipped with two trial labs for:

  • the bakery industry, and
  • the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and speciality chemistry.

With the support of our R&D engineers, you can conduct trials with your products using the VMI systems available in the laboratory. The trials are conducted during the pre-project phase and also downstream in order to test and validate the equipment developed.

Trials on equipment in VMI laboratory

Design of Equipment

VMI lists the characteristics of the materials to be mixed and identifies the type of mix that corresponds to them. Choosing among a wide variety of solutions available, we guide you to the most adapted equipment.

VMI’s design office is made up:

  • automation specialists,
  • draughtsmen, and
  • mechanical and electrical engineers.



These experts will develop a mixing solution that will be instrumental to the optimization of your production process. They take into account your issues starting from the study of the project and propose pre-projects that best meet your specifications.

Our engineers follow an approach of constant technical improvement of machines. They see to the compliance of the safety level, the standardization and scaleability of the equipment.

Whenever necessary, our team is also qualified to help you define the production costs of your manufacturing process.


Design department

Made in France, On Our Single Production Site in Saint-Hilaire-de-Loulay, France

Over 80 technicians contribute to the manufacturing and assembly of the VMI mixing equipment. In a 10,000 sq m workshop, your products benefit from optimal manufacturing conditions.

Part of the parts of the VMI machines are custom-designed in our own workshop by our machining specialists. The other parts are manufactured from draughts by our subcontractors and are subjected to (visual and dimensional) quality control upon reception.

VMI’s technicians assemble the machines’ mechanical and electrical elements and conduct automation tests in the workshop.

As part of our ISO 9001 quality approach, VMI specialists are dedicated to controlling equipment. They check and certify the compliance of the machines manufactured, and that they meet the project’s specifications.

Qualification of Equipment

VMI takes into account the constraints of quality approaches: our machines, platforms and automated facilities are designed and manufactured according to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Depending on your project, we can support you as part of your qualification processes:

  • Installation Qualification (IQ)
  • Operational Qualification (OQ)
  • Performance Qualification (PQ), depending on the standard required (European GMP, GAMP…).


Maintenance équipement

Turn Key Delivery of Your Equipment

VMI has a team of specialists dedicated to on-site operations. Whether for installation, commissioning of machines or repairs, our technicians come to your premises as quickly as possible, anywhere in the world.

VMI provide your teams with all the training and support required to quickly become comfortable with the new equipment.

VMI’s training

Plateforme de production VMI produits cosmétique


VMI Customer Department guarantees quality and responsiveness in after-sales support. They will assist you with:

  • The operation of your equipment
  • its maintenance,
  • troubleshooting, and
  • upgrades.

After-sale services


Customer Department open from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 6:00 (UTC+2).

Services clients à distance

Post-project: a Long-Term Partnership

VMI supports you all through the development of your business. Based on the quantities to produce, VMI can adapt the capacity of your equipment.

Our technicians come to your production workshops to assess and upgrade your manufacturing capacity or increase production. VMI’s equipment adapt to all configurations and will support you in your development.

UPGRADABILIty of our equipment