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A new control interface for the PH planetary mixers and the SPI 63 mixers

After the introduction of the Genius Digy mixer and the AF 100 Digy fermenter, other equipment of the VMI range are evolving to benefit from the Digy touch control panel. Discover now the PH Digy planetary mixers and the SPI 63 Digy mixers, in their standard and Snacking versions!
Thanks to this new digital control interface, VMI accentuates its commitment to automate and simplify the daily life of artisan bakers and pastry chefs. VMI mixers, renowned for their French-made quality and ergonomic design, are now available with a touch-sensitive and intuitive dashboard, specifically designed for the bakery and pastry professionals.

New: an intuitive touch control panel

Fully designed to make it easier to control their equipment, the Digy interface also respects the working environment of bakers and pastry chefs. The Digy screen and its front panel are shock resistant and waterproof against humidity and flour dust, in accordance with the international electrotechnical IP65 standard.

Batteur PH Digy et pétrin SPI 63 Digy

Vary the mixing parameters easily with the new Digy touch interface. Tool speed, mixing time, adding phases… everything becomes easy to set up. The programming mode allows you to save your recipes in order to repeat them identically and to guarantee the regularity of your preparations. VMI ensures you an instantaneous handling of the Digy interface thanks to its simple and intuitive design using the codes of the universal digital language.

VMI mixers and planetary mixers evolve with the Digy interface

Power and precision with the PH Digy planetary mixers

The PH Digy planetary mixers, available in 3 models (40, 60 and 80 litres), have all the required functionalities for your most diverse productions:

  • shortcrust and sweet pastry
  • creams and sauces for fillings
  • biscuits, sponge cakes and meringues
  • viennese pastries and speciality breads

The Digy touch control panel allows easy setting for the two operating modes:

  • Manual mode: control your recipes directly, using the 5 pre-recorded speeds (which can be modified) and adjust the tool speed during mixing, thanks to the integrated speed variation.
  • Recipe programming mode: In addition to programming the speed and duration of mixing, the PH Digy mixers can store up to 99 recipes, with 20 phases each. Recipe programming is now quicker and easier with the Digy interface!

The general parameters of the planetary mixers enable you to manage different levels of user access to guarantee the repeatability and the regularity of the bakers’ preparations.

The flush-type satellite with no retention area guarantees an easy cleaning. You will appreciate the assisted bowl lifting and lowering, as well as the transport wheel kit with stabilizers at the back. These features ensure optimum operating comfort.

Discover in video the Digy interface of the planetary mixer:

Ease and comfort of use with the SPI 63 Digy mixers

Wether you choose the standard spiral version or the Snacking version with multiple mixing tools, the SPI 63 Digy has been designed to be completely ergonomic and efficient for the production of small volumes of dough.

This range of mixers is recommended for the production of traditional breads, speciality breads and pastries. And the SPI 63 Digy Snacking model, delivered with a paddle and a scraper, is perfect for preparing biscuit and cake recipes such as cookies, muffins, madeleines…

  • Manual mode: change the tool speed and mixing time during production.
  • Automatic mode: program the time and speeds that will be executed automatically.
  • Recipe programming mode: customise and save up to 99 recipes, each with 20 phases.

Its automatic lifting head allows easy access to the tools and the bowl. In addition, its transparent bowl cover protects the operators from flour dust and the access door makes it possible to add ingredients during mixing. The casters kit (optional extra) facilitates the movement of the machine and optimises your time and work space.

Pétrin SPI 63 digy Snacking
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