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As true partners, VMI kneaders are today the most popular among French artisan bakers and patissiers.

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Whether a sole-proprietor traditional baker, a baker on a baking line or a baker in mass retail, your objective is to present your customers with a personalized, diversified offer, with consistent quality everyday.

Customers are turning away from traditional baguettes with their meals, in favour of multiple snacks, where special bread, Viennese pastry and sweet/savoury pastry take centre stage.

To develop your business, you must therefore bet on recipes with original flavour, revisited classics or the use of healthy, local ingredients.

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Versatile equipment
Bakers have to focus on creativity and developing their product offer. We design versatile, easy-to-use equipment so you save a maximum of time.

Kneading: the key to quality dough

For quality bread, pastry or Viennese pastry, you need a well-prepared, airy dough that has been carefully kneaded. Under legacy brands such as MAHOT, REX, PHEBUS, our VMI kneaders offer the best kneading performance.

User-friendly, robust kneaders and mixers
We offer a full range of mixers and kneaders combining know-how and productivity. Our kneaders have been designed to be user-friendly, robust and easy to clean. They easily fit in your baking and pastry laboratory.

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Nos procédés de mélange pour la boulangerie

Mixing Processes for Bakery, Pastry and Viennese Pastry

The first phase of the bread production process is the kneading. The rheological characteristics of the dough, obtained during this phase, determine the structure of the crumb in terms of shape and dimensions of gas bubbles in the dough.

The objective of kneading is mixing water, flour and other ingredients by providing a certain amount of energy. During this step, a portion of the amount of water binds to flour starch and its proteins. The remaining quantity of water is used to dissolve other ingredients such as salt and sugar.

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