Systèmes annexes pour le transfert de pâte : élévateur de cuve
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Transfer Elements and Ancillary Systems

VMI offers complementary equipment accessories that can help you increase the productivity and diversity of your production.

Are you looking to equip your mixer with a new tool, increase production capacity, or streamline work with an elevator? Contact us, and we will help you find the best solution for your unique needs.

Discover our automated kneading systems and continuous mixers.

Work comfort and safety

Transfer Elements and Ancillary Systems

Increase your production capacity
Diversify your production portfolio with our range of mixing tools and bowl scrapers
Improve the working comfort and safety of your operators

To seamlessly integrate our mixing and kneading solutions into bakery and food production lines, VMI provides various ancillary systems that support the application versatility of our mixers and planetary mixers.

Depending on your production needs, our design offices can offer you the following standard or custom-made equipment:

  • Single or double mast bowl lifts
  • Portioning and depositing hoppers
  • Conveyor belt, dough elevator belt
  • Depositing station, resting station, fermentation station
  • Cleaning station (CIP)

We also offer a wide selection of mixing tools and accessories to help you diversify your production capabilities:

  • Mixing tools: 3 arms, spiral, spiral blade with or without flat, whisk, paddle, spiral whisk, cutter
  • Bowl scraper
  • Additional bowl
  • Bowl cart
  • Table on wheels
  • Heat sensor


In addition to mixing equipment, VMI offers various transfer systems and accessories.

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