Continuous Mixers

Through continuous mixers, VMI has succeeded, year after year, in transferring all its traditional kneading know-how to the industrial world. As they control the various parameters and phenomena happening during the kneading process, these kneaders are far better adapted to production runs of several tonnes of dough per hour . Combining the implementation of one of the most reliable technologies to a thorough knowledge of all the bread-making stages, this expertise of kneading has placed VMI’s continuous mixers among the kneaders with the highest performance in the world.

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The Continuum® kneader is the first kneader specifically designed for the sandwich bread, buns and spongy product industry. Their recipes have been completely reviewed to meet new consumer expectations in terms of taste and nutrition. The density, size and consistency of cells makes doughs incomparably spongy. Additionally, the resistance and resilience of the walls between cells extend the products’ life cycle.

The Verymix kneader, a major innovation by VMI, controls the kneading technique on a continuous basis and guarantees consistent quality. As it is equipped with continuous constant weight feeders, an independent pre-mixer, and a rotor-fitted kneader optimized for each type of production, it facilitates the most demanding productions in terms of pace, quality and consistency of dough. The film additional recipes, dosing, programming, follow-up of instructions, and traceability are managed from a monitoring screen. Verymix allows to control the repeatability of your productions, and is a guarantee of very regular kneading for your raw, precooked and deep frozen doughs: baguettes, ciabattas, pizzas, Viennese pastry, puff pastry and flour & water mixtures.



Viennese pastry
Pains à burger
Burger bread
Pizza dough