Pétrins de laboratoire SPI LAB

Laboratory Mixers

One of the most significant challenges bread-making professionals face is guaranteeing a repeatable recipe of consistent quality. To help our customers in the baking industry, VMI designed laboratory mixers that allow users to test recipes on a small scale before taking them to large scale production. 

With the VMI laboratory mixer bench, you define the mixing conditions to ensure accurate mixing and reproduction of your recipes.

10 liters
Repeatability and scale-up
Process parameter control and recipe repeatability
Recipes optimization
Control and analysis of tests to measure the impact of raw materials and their mixture

Laboratory fork mixer Mahot LABO 25

Reproducibility of recipes by adjusting the kneading parameters
Comply with the fundamentals of traditional kneading
Optimization of recipes and tests with up to 5 mixers in a bench

VMI has created the MAHOT laboratory mixer, LABO 25, to carry out kneading tests with a fork mixing tool. The LABO 25 is intended for use in test laboratories, training centers, or mills, to carry out bread-making tests using different flours and ingredients. The LABO 25 can be used as a single mixer or as a bench of up to 5 mixers. 

SPI-LAB Bench Spiral Mixers

Modularity: each mixer can operate independently or link to the supervision tool. Up to 10 mixers can be linked by Bluetooth.
Versatility: As many recipes as installed mixers can be tested at one time.
Flexibility: Can suspend a trial in progress. Parameters can be modified during the trial.
Traceability: Each test carried out is recorded, including all the parameters that influence the quality of the kneading (bowl and tool speeds, time, temperature, energy)
Repeatability: the mixer’s defined parameters and conditions allow users to reproduce a recipe and maintain its quality.

The SPI-LAB kneading machine is ideal for bakers, millers, and training institutions that need to analyze raw materials. VMI’s laboratory mixers perform comparative tests to improve the quality of recipes for extrapolation to industrial production. 

Up to 10 spiral mixers can be operated at once–either independently or connected by wire to a PC-based supervision application (complete with monitoring and control software). As many recipes as mixers can be launched simultaneously, with the possibility of chaining recipes. 30 phases per recipe can be saved. The parameters can also be modified during the trial to optimize the results. 

Flexibility of use and space-saving are guaranteed; the worktop is positioned on wheels to facilitate machine mobility and cleaning.


Optimize all your bakery and pastry recipes with experimental trials on our laboratory mixers:

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