Laboratory Kneaders

One of the challenges of bread-making professionals is to guarantee repeatable and consistent quality recipes. To this end, VMI has designed laboratory kneaders to test all the recipes on a small scale and secure high performance extrapolation. With VMI’s laboratory kneaders, you define the conditions of the mix so as to guarantee accurate mixing and an accurate replication of your recipes.

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Initially designed for bakers, flour mills and training facilities, the SPI-LAB test bed is the ideal tool to analyse raw materials, perform benchmarking for the improvement of the quality of recipes, or run tests on parameters to optimize the recipe for an extrapolation to the industrial scale. Up to 10 laboratory kneaders can operate independently or be connected wirelessly to a PC-based supervision application, with a follow-up and monitoring software.

To run fork mixing tests, VMI has created the MAHOT laboratory kneader named  LABO 25. It has been designed for test laboratories, training centres or flour mills, to perform bread-making tests on a number of flours and ingredients. LABO 25 can be used alone or as a test bed with a maximum of 5 kneaders.

Extract for some of our laboratory kneaders:

  • 10 L and up to 5 kg of dough
  • Kneading speed: tool up to 250 rpm, bowl up to 25 rpm
  • Heat sensor
  • Mode: manual, automatic or recipes



Différents pains et baguettes
White breads and special breads
Viennese pastry