Pétrins à axe oblique cuve fixe et cuve amovible, pour la boulangerie artisanale et industrielle
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Fork mixers (with fixed or removable bowl)

Designed to produce traditional bread, VMI’s fork mixers can work wonders with Viennese pastry and pizza dough. The unique designs of our Rex, Phébus, and Mahot pre-mixers enable traditional kneading methods while adapting these methods to the dough’s specifications.

VMI offers a complete range of fork mixers that come with the option of fixed or removable bowls and a variety of bowl volumes (30 to 330 liters).

Our removable-bowl fork mixers allow for dough rest periods and mixture preparations while still maintaining high output production. Manufacturers can also use them in combination with an elevator to facilitate unloading. Removable-bowl fork mixers are robust, reliable, and flexible providing manufacturers with excellent support in large production runs and traditional bread-making.

From 30 liters to 330 liters
Traditional kneading
Fork arm, with 2 or 3 branches
Comfort at work
Ergonomic and safe design

1032 Fork Mixer – Fixed Bowl

Small footprint
Quick installation with a single-phase connection
Easy handling with two tool speeds

The fixed bowl 1032 fork mixer is ideal for making specialty bread, cakes, or pizza dough in small and medium quantities (bowl volume of 30 liters). It can be equipped with a 2 or 3 branch aluminum mixing tool (recommended for pizza dough production).

Its transparent cover has a hatch opening, which allows operators to add ingredients during the production process.

Axoplus 95 Fork Mixer – Fixed Bowl

Mobile design with its frame set on wheels
Versatility in application thanks to the Axoplus arm
Precision during production, thanks to tool and bowl speed variation

The Axoplus 95 fixed-bowl fork mixer offers great application versatility. Axoplus mixing tools combine high shearing power with exceptional stretching capacity. The two-arm dough-shear is suitable for both stiff and highly hydrated doughs. The three-arm tool is particularly useful for producing pizza dough and food products.

The Axoplus 95 allows for small productions in the 95 liter bowl (10% of its maximum capacity). This mixer benefits from tool and bowl speed variation, which give it more precision during mixing. Operators can program recipes directly into the machine, guaranteeing product repeatability and consistency.

2000 EV Fork Mixer Series – Fixed and Removable Bowl

High kneading quality for traditional bread
Complies with hygiene regulation (stainless-steel bowl as the standard)
Clear bowl cover with access door protects the health and safety of operators
Also available with a removable bowl

The 2000 EV fork mixer series is the global reference in kneading for producing traditional bread, Viennese pastry, and short pastry. VMI has several models are available, with bowl volumes ranging from 170 liters to 330 liters (80 kg to 160 kg of dough*). The 330-liter model is available in fixed and removable bowl versions.

The stainless-steel bowl and braking system facilitates the hydration of dough and the consistency of kneading. The 2000 EV fork mixer series is equipped with a roller bowl-driving system to ensure flexible and silent operation.

The industry standard Phébus arm has a triangular shape to ensure precise kneading for a wide range of products. The 2000 EV series mixers can also be equipped with an optional Rex arm. The Rex arm mixing tool stretches dough without shearing it, making it ideal for kneading soft and hydrated doughs.

*Maximum dough capacity, for an average hydration rate of 60%.

Mahot Fork Mixer – Fixed and removable bowl

Reduced kneading time thanks to an exclusive, patented arm
Silent operation
Versatile; can knead bread dough, shortcrust dough, pizza dough, pancake dough
Also available with removable bowl

The Mahot fork mixer boasts an exclusive arm and higher operating speed. Its patented mixing tool holds the dough to reduce working time while ensuring quality kneading. The tool’s concave shape allows for better penetration in the dough, thus guaranteeing better oxygenation.

Two models are available, with bowl volumes of 230 liters or 330 liters (120 kg or 160 kg of dough*). The 330-liter model is available in a fixed bowl and removable bowl versions.

The Mahot fork mixer has three operating modes: manual, semi-manual, and automatic. Its operation is silent thanks to a couple of spiral bevel gears that deliver the motor’s full power without any loss of energy.

*Maximum dough capacity, for an average hydration rate of 60%.

MAEH Fork Mixer – Removable Bowl

Robust design ensures intensive production
Powerful, in regards to traditional kneading: provides gentle kneading and blowing of the dough while preventing heating
Versatile: adapts easily to any production environment and application: positioning of the bowl, tools, finishing...

The MAEH range of fork mixers is ideal for intensive use, such as large quantity, constant production (7/7, 3×8 shift). The fork tool’s shape, positioning in the bowl, and the bowl’s geometry guarantee  smooth kneading of product, in respect of tradition: “stretching, cutting, blowing”. 

The mixers of the MAEH range are equipped with hydraulic head lift and bowl lock. The bowl, the 2-branch mixing tool, and the bowl cover are made of stainless steel. Depending on the plant layout, the bowls can be attached in front of the tool or on the side to limit the equipment’s size.

The MAEH model offers variable bowl speed for greater precision. Two bowl volumes are available for a maximum dough capacity* of 160 kg or 250 kg. The manual control panel can be replaced by a touch screen HMI (optional).

*Maximum dough capacity, for an average hydration rate of 60%.


Fork mixers are the kneading machines historically used in bakeries. This technology was the first to mechanize the manual act of kneading. Fork mixers offer the ideal compromise that many bakers are looking for: a traditional kneading process that limits the heating of the dough and a fast production time. The mixing tools for our fork mixers are particularly suitable for traditional bakery, pastry, and food products such as:

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