Transfer Elements and Ancillary Systems

To ensure that its mixing and kneading solutions fit perfectly into comprehensive industrial manufacturing lines, VMI provides a variety of ancillary systems for even more flexibility in the use of its kneaders  and planetary mixers.

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To customize the use of your kneaders, VMI offers a range of accessories to add versatility to your equipment: spiral, spiral blade with or without flat, whisk, spiral whisk, straight or curved scraper, heat sensor, ingredient container …

To automate your productions, VMI has designed hydraulic bowl turners and bowl lifts (500 – 2,000 kg of dough/hour) with one or two masts.

Portioning and dosing hoppers, and dough conveyor belts come as a complement to your dough manufacturing area Dosing, rest and degassing workstations can also be included.


Différents pains et baguettes
White breads and special breads
Viennese pastry
Pain Pita
Pita bread
Fondant au chocolat
Cakes - Pastries