Mélangeur de laboratoire sous vide Multilab

Laboratory Vacuum Mixers

Our laboratory vacuum mixers develop cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and chemical products in small quantities. This equipment covers a wide variety of applications including creams, make-up, and body care products.

These mixers mimic the operating conditions of a regular production plant, offering you the option to test the formulation of your dispersion, emulsion, and homogenization processes before putting large volumes into production.

This versatile equipment also guarantees high productivity thanks to short production cycles and intuitive operation controls.

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From 500 ml to 3 liters
Versatility of the equipment
thanks to the variety of interchangeable tools.
Industrial transposition
A test equipment for industrial manufacturing.

Ultralab® vacuum homogenizer

Easy to use. The touch screen allows easy control of product parameters and repeatability.
Can integrate with the pilot (Trilab) and production (Trimix) range of mixers
Ergonomic-friendly with the electric lifting of the head
Addition of liquids during mixing and/or under vacuum is made accessible thanks to a hopper

The Ultralab® is the ideal benchtop device for precise processing of a wide range of viscous products, as it can be fitted with different tools. For example, the emulsifier heads and turbines can be easily switched out.

The Ultralab® vacuum homogenizer covers all mixing operations including:

  • Heat exchange
  • Keeping in suspension
  • Homogenization
  • Dissolution
  • Dispersion
  • Emulsion

The Ultralab® can keep control of all your processes and guarantee product traceability and repeatability with data recording.

Equipped with a double pendular agitation that possesses independent speed variation, the Ultralab® allows precise development of product in small quantities (500 ml to 3 liters). These small volumes are ideal to test new cosmetic products (such as gels, ointments, or make-up products) before bringing them to large-scale production.


The Ultralab® offers a wide variety of applications thanks to the diversity of its interchangeable tools. You will be able to test multiple skincare and cosmetic applications  in small quantities, then easily transpose them for industrial manufacturing.

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