Fixed Bowl Fork Mixers

Fork mixers have made the reputation of French bread throughout the world. VMI in turn made the reputation of this type of kneader through the manufacturing and marketing of the Mahot reference brand. Designed for the production of traditional bread, VMI’s fork mixers also do wonders for Viennese pastry or pizza dough. The differentiated design of Rex, Phébus & Mahot pre-mixers offers genuine, traditional kneading while adapting to the specifics of elaborate dough. VMI offers small capacity fork mixers, specifically designed for the production of special bread or Viennese pastry, which makes them the ideal partners alongside large-capacity kneaders. These resilient, easy-to-clean fork mixers provide added comfort to users.

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The Mahot fixed bowl fork mixer boast an exclusive arm and higher operating speed. The patented pre-mixer holds the dough to reduce working time, while securing good quality kneading.

The 2000 EV series fixed bowl fork mixer is the world reference in kneading for the production of traditional breads, Viennese pastry and short pastry. The driven bowl and braking system facilitate the hydration of the dough and the consistency of the kneading. The 2330 EV series removable bowl fork mixer is equipped with a roller bowl-driving system to ensure flexibility and silent operation.

The Axoplus 95 fixed bowl fork mixers is part of an innovative generation of kneaders which are ideal to prepare small quantities (10% of the maximum capacity of the bowl). The new versatile pre-mixer and the driven bowl allow for the mixing of dough, vegetable and meat. It ensures shearing quality for hard doughs and a high-stretching capacity for the most hydrated doughs.

1032 fixed bowl fork mixer allows for the production of traditional bread, Viennese pastry or pizza dough in small to medium quantities, while ensuring consistency of the dough. The 1032 kneader (with a 30-litre bowl) can sit on a bench top.

Extract for some of our fixed bowl fork mixers:

  • Dough capacity: 4 – 160 kg depending on the model
  • Driven stainless steel bowl
  • Inalterable materials: structure made from ABS, transparent cover made from food-grade PETG
  • Lifting head
  • 2 tool speeds
  • Programmable control panel with digital timer
  • Motor heat protection


Baguettes à l'ancienne
Traditional baguette
Boule de pain tranchée
Loaf of bread
Baguette aux céréales
Whole grain bread