Removable Bowl Fork Mixers

Removable bowl fork mixers are recommended for hydrated dough and are ideal to produce French baguettes. They are equipped with removable bowls allowing for a resting period in the bowl and the preparation of the mixes without interrupting intensive production. They can also be used in combination with a lift to facilitate unloading. Removable bowl fork mixers are robust, reliable and offer many options. These are the perfect companion for large production runs and the production of traditional bread.

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The 2330 EV series Removable bowl fork mixer is the world reference in kneading for the production of traditional breads, Viennese pastry and short pastry. The driven bowl and (automatic or manual) braking facilitate the hydration of the dough and the consistency of the kneading. The 2330 EV series removable bowl fork mixer is equipped with a roller bowl-driving system to ensure flexibility and silent operation. The easy-to-use control panel offers accuracy and simplicity of use.

Extract for some of our removable bowl fork mixers:

  • Dough capacity: 54 to 160 kg
  • Aluminium driven bowl
  • Transparent cover made from food-grade PETG
  • Lifting head
  • 2 tool speeds
  • Motor heat protection
  • Phébus or Rex arm


Baguettes à l'ancienne
Traditional baguette
Baguette aux céréales
Whole grain bread
Viennese pastry
Pain Pita
Pita bread