Sourdough Machines / Fermenters

To stand out from the competition, it is indispensable for a baker to offer recipes that are both specific and varied, and whose quality brings satisfaction to customers every day. VMI has designed a machine to “cultivate” ferments. The sourdough machine mixes, matures and stores sourdough or poolish. VMI’s automatic fermenter removes all the constraints of producing sourdough on a daily basis to bake finest tradition bread, organic products and customize your production.

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The latest generation of AF 100 Digy fermenters produces liquid sourdough from 100% hydration. Accurate adjustment in the duration and temperatures of fermentation help control the recipe and its process. At the end of the fermentation process, the sourdough can be stored in the fermenter under positive cold conditions and kept for up to 48 hours. As the machine is easy to clean, you can have a daily stream of fresh and usable sourdough.

The AF 100 Digy fermenter facilitates programming and cycles management with its Digy touch interface, designed to be shock-resistant and waterproofing against moisture and flour dust (International Electro-technical Standard IP 65). Bakers can customize and save 3 sourdough recipes by setting, for each of the 4 phases (mixing, fermentation, maturation, preservation), the duration, the rotation speed of the tool & tank and the desired temperature. This feature ensures the repeatability and the consistency of the bakery’s production.

Extract for some of our sourdough machines:

  • Bowl capacity: 100 L, i.e. up to 80 kg of semi-pasty sourdough
  • Full stainless steel
  • Removable tools
  • Quick cycle
  • Heating through regulated silicon hotplates allowing for homogeneous dissemination in the bowl
  • Cooling system via embossed bowl
  • Anti-spill sensor
  • Digy touchscreen interface



Levain liquide dans cuve
Liquid sourdough
Pain au levain
Sourdough bread
Mie de pain