Batch Kneading Systems

Designed with high productivity in mind, automated kneading systems benefit from over 20 years experience in advanced industrial automation. VMI’s automated kneading processes by batch meet the most demanding requirements on the main international markets. As a source of added productivity, the programming of production plans ensures an automatic sequence of recipes as well as a regular pace.

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VMI has been offering automated batch kneading systems for many years. Designed to offer industrial bakers high levels of productivity (500 kg  – 7 tonnes of dough per hour), these mixing systems consist in setting up a series of kneaders and organizing and automating the transfer of bowls from one station to the next, thus limiting idle time.

VMI’s bottom discharge spiral mixers (VPF) can be described as an automated, compact, cost-cutting kneading solution. Thanks to its system to empty the bowl from the bottom, the floor space required for the equipment is reduced and this machine easily adapts to production constraints. (Low clearance). The VPF kneader is available in simple or double spiral; an all-round, versatile kneader allowing to produce all types of dough.

The production of bread, pastry, Viennese pastry or frozen pizza requires to lower the temperature of the dough during the kneading operation in order to optimize the overall production time for these products. A genuine innovation, The Frostmix refrigerated bowl spiral mixer by VMI is the first traditional kneader equipped with a rotating triple wall bowl refrigerated by circulated glycol water. Thanks to this system, the Frostmix optimizes heat exchanges and, without adding any ice or CO2, helps maintain the dough between 16 and 20°C during the kneading operation.

As it has been especially designed for the production of bread and “sponge and dough” Viennese pastry, the Verymix III range of horizontal kneaders allows for vacuum kneading of top-of-the-range products, with delicate processes. The combination of vacuum and a kneading process specific to Verymix III optimizes your products shelflife. Its triple-wall, stainless steel bowl efficiently activates the cooling down of the dough for added productivity for your deep-frozen products. Verymix III vacuum, horizontal kneaders guarantee the production of a smooth dough that is easily repeatable. The crumbs’ holes are small and regular, the dough is spongy and the white colour of the crumb varies according to the controlled atmosphere during kneading and its intensity.

VPF and Frostmix:

  • Kneading capacity: 100-250 kg of flour
  • Automated system: dosage of ingredients, pre-mixing, kneading and emptying via conveyors
  • Full stainless steel
  • 1 to 2-kneader combination

Batch kneading system

  • Capacity: 500 – 7,000 kg of dough/hour
  • Available with fork, spiral or double spiral mixers



Viennese pastry
baguettes tradition
Traditional baguette
Pains aux chocolats
Chocolate croissant