Planetary Mixers for Production Laboratories

Our planetary mixers for bakers and food professionals have been designed to combine productivity, comfort of use and hygiene. With their adaptable tools, VMI planetary mixers will be your versatile companions to perform all your mixes: Viennese pastry and special bread, sponge cakes and meringue, biscuits, short pastry and sweet dough, pudding and sauces.

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The planetary mixers of the Phébus (PH) range boast all the features required for a wide range of mixes. Powerful and accurate mixes are achieved thanks to the satellite speed/whisk speed ratio which has been calculated to optimize the overrun of the mixes. Bowl lighting, powered bowl lift and a user-friendly dashboard provide added comfort to users.

The planetary mixer PH Digy facilitates the consistency and variety of recipes. The touch control panel allows an easy set up with two operating modes:

  • Manual mode: benefit from 5 pre-recorded (and modifiable) speeds. Control your recipes by adjusting the duration and the tool speed during mixing.
  • Programming mode: up to 99 recipes of 20 phases can be customized, saved and executed automatically.
  • The PH Digy range has an integrated scraper tie

Planetary mixers BV 22, with 10 – 20 litres, are particularly dedicated to food professionals: restaurateurs, caterers and patissiers. Whether in stand-alone or bench top version, these planetary mixers meet your requirements perfectly in terms of power, hygiene, user-friendliness and safety. The 3 tools and regulated speed variation allow for a wide variety of recipes.

Phébus range planetary mixers:

  • Bowl capacity: 20 – 80 litres for the PH Digy range, then 80 – 150 litres for the Phébus DT range
  • Stainless steel bowl and removable or rotating stainless steel safety grid, with removable anti-spatter shield.
  • Cover made from ABS
  • 3 tools: whisk, blade, spiral
  • Retractable casters (Phebus range)
  • 220 V motor
  • 5 preset speeds
  • Bowl light

Planetary mixers BV 12 & BV 22:

  • Bowl capacity: 10 – 20 litres
  • Stainless steel bowl and removable or rotating stainless steel safety grid
  • Cover made from ABS
  • 2-mode digital timer (countdown or permanent)
  • Soft-start tool
  • 20-position frequency converter
  • Bowl and grid presence and position safety devices
  • Options: casters, heating, cart…



Crème chantilly
Whipped cream
Gâteau quatre quarts
Pound cakes