Vertical Kneaders With Removable Bowls

VMI’s range of spiral mixers is adapted to the demand in terms of productivity and power from the baking industry and is characterized by its robustness, its versatility (quick fastener system with 6 tools) and its high level of output. As they have benefited from VMI’s long experience, spiral mixers are positioned at the best technology level. They offer today a belt and pinion driving system, a removable bowl system, a fully computerized human/machine interface… The kneading is steady and the tool-bowl interaction has been optimized.

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The range of SPI AV spiral mixers allows for the production of bread dough, Viennese pastry, brioches and pizza from 80 to 900 kg. The compact design has been optimized to reduce retention areas. During the kneading operation, the bowl is lifted from the floor and held by a hydraulic device, thus guaranteeing smoother kneading by optimizing the tool-bowl interaction.

The range of double spiral mixers (SPI DAVI) offers plant bakers a high power of kneading, ensuring speed and quality when mixing the dough. The kneaders have been designed to generate a high level of torque and easily mix doughs that are rich and supposed to be stiff and poorly hydrated (Short pastry, ready rolled and deep frozen quiche crusts). As it is equipped with whisks and blades, the SPI DAVI kneader can be used for pastry!

Based on VMI’s innovative technology, the Kneadster® kneader is equipped with an exclusive design, double mixing tool. As the tools have a bigger diameter, a specific shape and position in the bowl, they facilitate the insertion of gas alveoli in the dough for even more consistent mixing. These changes allow for slower kneading. With less effort to produce, the machine lasts longer and is more reliable. With the Kneadster® kneader, you master your recipes for all major families of dough: White bread, sandwich bread, traditional bread, Viennese pastry, brioche & cookies.

Extract for some of our vertical kneaders with removable bowls:

  • Dough capacity: 160 – 550 kg of dough/batch
  • Stainless steel bowl and cover
  • Hydraulic bowl locking and head lifting
  • DN 20 Drain plug
  • Stainless steel tools
  • Cycle standby
  • Positive bowl driving through cog wheels and reduction through belts
  • Bowl speed: approximately 13 rpm with forward and reverse speed.



Pains pour burger
Burger bread
Biscuits sablés
Shortbread biscuits