Mixers for the Agro Food Industry

VMI’s planetary mixers are particularly adapted to overrun, emulsion, creaming, crumbling and whipping operations thanks to utmost versatility combined with a very high level of performance. All of VMI’s process know-how has been concentrated in these column or bridge mixers which allow for operations that include vacuum or pressure mixing, dosing and introduction of ingredients, pressure flushing, heating/cooling and on-site cleaning.

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The Ultimix range of planetary mixers is the result of cooperation between VMI’s R&D Department and scientific academic teams. A study has determined the optimum combination of parameters to obtain the best mix possible. Ultimix guarantees the repeatability and extrapolation of production runs, whatever the batch size, whatever the recipe. The quality of the mix is beyond compare thanks to the adjustment of the tool speed/satellite speed ratio and regulated vacuum or pressure. Ultimix will help develop your business by fitting in seamlessly in automated production systems.

Extract for some of our mixers for the agro food industry:

  • Bowl capacity: 100 – 900 litres
  • Bowl support with hydraulic lift for full clearance of tools
  • 4 tool speeds
  • Swivelling (180°) stainless steel bowl grid
  • Bowl scraper
  • Ultimix: Patented flush-mount head to avoid residue and facilitate cleaning



Crème meringuée
Whipped cream
Gâteau avec gênoise
Sponge cakes