BERTO Access Range Kneaders


BERTO is the value range of spiral mixers offered by VMI for artisans and semi-industrial bakeries. Whether you need versatile kneaders or modular solutions integrated into semi- or fully automated lines, BERTO by VMI will support you in the development of your products. The BERTO access range has been developed in fixed bowl or removable bowl spiral mixers and tilting bowl spiral mixers.

The BERTO brand MAG & FBF fixed bowl spiral mixers have been designed to meet the most diverse requirements: They guarantee the optimizing of your production, at the best cost and with the minimum footprint. The fixed bowl spiral mixers of the Berto line by VMI can be used both for smaller and larger quantities of dough (down to 5% of the maximum capacity indicated).The excellent power of the FBF kneader’s power train allows to knead the hardest doughs such as pizza dough.

The BERTO brand MAG-R & MAJOR removable bowl spiral mixers offer a wide range of capacities (80 – 280 kg of dough) and are in a position to meet the requirements of all types of production. The MAG-R is adapted for all leavened doughs (with the exception of doughs with less than 50% hydration). 

BERTO brand AS tilting bowl spiral mixers allow for the automatic emptying of the bowl content over a table or a portioner, and therefore saves production time. Designed to be easily integrated into specific production lines, AS tilting bowl mixers empty to the right or to the left of the machine. Their robust structures allow for intensive, semi-industrial use: Up to 10 – 12 hours of continuous use per day for most types of dough.

Extract for some of our Berto kneaders:

  • Bowl capacity: 3.2 – 200 kg of dough
  • Transparent cover
  • 2 tool speeds
  • Stainless steel spiral
  • Bowl reverse speed
  • Built on wheels with locking jack.
  • Heat protection


Baguette aux céréales
Whole grain bread
Pains nann
Nann bread
Pizza dough
Pains aux chocolats
Viennese pastry