Fixed Bowl Vertical Kneaders

VMI’s fixed bowl spiral mixers have been recognized for their capacity to knead a small quantity of dough compared with the volume of the bowl, and are perfectly adapted to the production of traditional bread, special bread and Viennese pastry. The offer a high level of diversity and flexibility to bakers who have made this choice, often as a complement to fork mixers.

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SPI 53 & 63 fixed bowl vertical mixers are ideal for the production of small volumes of dough (between 1.6 and 40 kg of dough). Thanks to a turn-and-a-half spiral, the penetration of the dough is improved and kneading optimized. These kneaders are recommended to produce traditional bread, special red and Viennese pastry.

The SPI FX+ EV fixed bowl vertical mixer adapts to all your doughs, from a hard dough to a brioche dough through a very hydrated (100%) dough. The double tool bowl speed adjustment offers a wide range of use. The scope of possible recipes gets wider, and the structure of your dough is finer and higher quality.

Extract for some of our fixed bowl vertical kneaders:

  • Dough capacity: 1.6 to 160 kg
  • Stainless steel bowl and spiral
  • Transparent cover made from food-grade PETG
  • Heat protection
  • Manual or automatic timer
  • For the FX+ EV kneader, recipe mode: 10 preset recipes


Ciabatta sandwich
Ciabatta bread
Viennese pastry
Pizza dough